5 Incredible Home Remedies For Dental Abscess

5 Incredible Home Remedies For Dental Abscess

In a Medical Terminology, ‘Dental Abscess’ is referred to by many alternative names like ‘Tooth Abscess’, ‘Root Abscess’ or at times also as ‘Dentoalveolar Abscess’ and may be categorized as a most aching tooth ailment which is primarily due to the infection in the teeth, which this tends to be the cause of inflammation and yellow fluid- called pus in the teeth or in the root of the teeth. Not only this, but dental abscess may be the serious cause of concern for most of the people around us, that tends to cause a lot of distress to the affected individual. Dental abscess, if not treated well on time can be hazardous and be the prime reason of septicity or infection initiating from the tooth and proceeding towards jawline and neck as well.

A medical survey conducted in the recent past has come up with the conclusion that one of the leading cause of tooth abscess in the un-healthy dental hygiene and un-treated cavity in the teeth. This article is all about the most effective and tried and tested home remedies that can be used to get rid of the trouble of Dental Abscess but if it still persists, do consult your Dentist at the earliest for evading this problem from the root.Highlighted below is the list of 5 incredible and effective home remedies that goes a long way in offering an optimal solution to the severe dental abscess problem.

Let’s Discuss Them In Detail:

1. Wash Your Mouth With Alkaline Mouthwash:

One of the most effective and easy to do home remedy for Dental Abscess is the usage of Alkaline Mouthwash [1]. Regular use of this Alkaline Mouthwash, aids in getting rid of the bad bacteria and greatly eases in snubbing the agonizing pain in your abscessed tooth.

For preparing this, alkaline mouth wash, take about half teaspoon of Potassium Carbonate and immerse it in half a glass of Luke-warm water. Then, use this alkaline solution to wash your mouth thoroughly at least 5-6 times a day, so as to get a significant relief in the agonizing abscessed tooth.

Wash Your Mouth With Alkaline Mouthwash

2. Amalgamation Of The Paste Of Baking Soda And Salt:

Amalgamation of the paste of Baking Soda mixed with Salt is a great neutralizer to completely stopping the pain in your throbbing abscessed tooth in addition to drawing out the septicity from your mouth [2]. In fact this, paste acts as a detoxification liquid for your mouth. Besides this, one of the greatest benefit of this homebased remedy is that you need to search for these ingredients in the marketplace, as both these are readily available ingredients in your pantry.

What you are required to do is to just make a paste of half teaspoon of baking soda and half teaspoon of salt. Now, take a small and wet cotton ball and dap it with the paste of baking soda and salt. Then, place this cotton swab rest between the affected tooth and your cheeks. Leave it for about 30-40 minutes or until you feel a greater relaxation in your abscessed tooth.

Amalgamation Of The Paste Of Baking Soda And Salt

3. Usage Of Garlic:

This is another most vital and easily accessible ingredient in your pantry [3]. Garlic is a rich source of antibiotic properties, which contains an active ingredient called-‘Allicin’, thus effectively easing the slaying causing bacteria and alongside significantly aids in diminishing the inflammation in the abscessed tooth.

So, what you are required to do is to either intake the freshly peeled garlic by roasting it on a flat pan or you can also take it in a crushed or smashed method along with 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Alternatively, you can also place a clove of garlic over the abscessed tooth for about 5-6 minutes, so to considerably alleviate the throbbing abscessed tooth. But ensure not to keep the garlic clove for excess duration, as it can cause a burning sensation of your skin.

Usage Of Garlic

4. Tea Bags:

This one is also a very tricky home remedy for snubbing the pain in the abscessed tooth, as black tea has been found to contain ‘Tannins’, which is a very effective ingredient that aids in pulling out all the infection from your teeth besides depreciating the inflammation present in your abscessed tooth [4].

What you are required to do, is to just boil 1-2 tea bags in the water and let it cool off. Then, place this wet tea bags inside your mouth over the abscessed tooth for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process every half an hour to gain optimum results. Another way of pulling out the infection from the infected teeth and alleviating the pain from the teeth is to sprinkle half a teaspoon on the dry tea bag and keep it inside your mouth over the inflamed area for about 5-10 minutes. Take it off, after a while it begins to initiate itching on the infected area.

Tea Bags

5. Clove Oil:

Since primordial times, clove oil is appreciated as one of the most anticipated home remedies for dental abscess [5]. Clove oil is a rich source of antiseptic, antibiotic and germicidal properties and is also a well-known natural pain alleviator that can be easily available in your pantry. A recent survey has also revealed this fact that clove oil can be used effectively in snubbing the severe pain and various oral problems like sore and inflamed gums, toothache, mouth ulcers and much more. In totality, we can say that application of clove oil over the abscessed tooth goes a long way in creating a numbing effect on the inflamed tooth.

To get the considerable benefit of this homemade remedy, what you are required to do is to swab a cotton ball or a tissue paper with a small amount of clove oil on the infected and abscessed tooth. Keep it on the abscessed tooth for about 10-15 minutes and then let the clove oil to get fully absorbed inside the tooth.

 Clove Oil

To conclude, we can say that do make try of the above listed incredible home remedies to alleviate the issue of Dental abscess at large. Last but not the least, if the problem still persists do consult your Dentist. Negligence on your part, may results in hazardous effects.