5 Incredible Home Remedies For Lock Jaw!

In a Medical terminology, Lock Jaw is also referred to as ‘Tetanus’. Lock Jaw as the name suggests is one of the most severe and painful condition in which your jaw tends to get locked and this makes you quite distressful in opening your mouth comfortably. Some of the most prominent symptoms of lock jaw includes tiredness in your face besides experiencing some tickling or popping-up sound while opening your mouth.

One of the most dangerous thing about lock jaw is that it tends to be often neglected and thus the severe pain tends to migrate towards the neck, shoulder, ears and even the face. One of the most general cause of lock jaw is usually referred to as TMJ, which is an acronym for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and with it there are numerous other causes as well that tends to be the prime reasons for this intense issue which includes arthritis, inflamed muscles and tender tissues, injury, tetanus infection and much more.

Since it is not that critical condition, so you can significantly get away from it by following just the simple and natural home based remedies but if still the problem persists and tends to emerge in recurrent manner, then you are sincerely advised to refer to your Medical Practitioner and may be required to follow a proper remedy for diagnosing its primary cause.emphasized below are 5 of such most incredible home remedies that tends to aid in getting rid of lock jaw in a commendable manner.

 Let’s Discuss Them One-By-One, In Detail:

1. Mint Oil/Tea for Lock Jaw:

Mint oil or Peppermint oil or tea is another most incredible and remarkable home remedy for lock jaw that tends to be more effective and besides this comes the fact you not to bother about the availability of this prime ingredient as it is readily available in your pantry. So, you are required to either make use of the peppermint oil or peppermint tea or at times both to keep the intense pain of lock jaw at bay.[1]

For following up this home remedy, you are required to generously massage alongside your jaw muscles with a Luke-warm peppermint oil. Application of the peppermint oil not only lowers down the intense pain but also goes a long way in offering a soothing effect on the inflamed area in a remarkable way. Alternatively, you can intake a herbal and ingenious peppermint tea for getting a significant relief in the lock jaw pain. To get the optimum benefits try to follow up both these remedies at least 3-4 times a day.

Mint Oil/Tea for Lock Jaw

2. Aim For Warm Compress:

Since it has been generally observed that lock jaw may tends to cause a distressful pain alongside the jaw region, which may further tends to move towards the shoulder or neck of a victimized individual. This makes an individual quite un-comfortable and messy all day long.

A most optimal solution to this severe pain incurred by lock jaw is to aim for warm compress. You can make use of a hot water sack and place it over the inflamed area or alternatively you can also opt for a heating placemat that can placed directly over the lock jaw area, which thus tends to depreciate the pain or the stiffness in muscles that has emerged because of lock jaw. Repeat this home remedy at least 4-5 times a day for getting optimum results.[2]

Aim For Warm Compress

3. Amalgamation Of Garlic Paste And Mustard Oil:

Both these homemade ingredients are easily accessible in your pantry and has optimally be recognized as a tried and tested home remedy for lock jaw. Application of mustard oil plays a pivot role in improving the circulation of blood alongside the lock jaw area along with garlic paste which is one of the prominent source of anti-inflammatory rich ingredient whose application will goes a long way in diminishing the inflammation over the inflamed area in a significant manner. Thus, in totality this home remedy is basically enriched with anti-microbial properties, that aims to keep all the infections and pain at bay that can ultimately results in lock jaw.[3]

To follow up this home remedy, just amalgamate the mix of both these contents by boiling the crushed garlic paste in about 4-5 tablespoons of mustard oil and then applying this cooled mix on the inflamed lock jaw area. Try to use this home remedy at least two times a day.

Amalgamation Of Garlic Paste And Mustard Oil

4. Aim For Cold Compress:

Quite similar to warm compress, cold compress is also one of the most commendable and tried and tested solution for the lock jaw. The only difference between warm compress and cold difference lies in the temperature of water used in the compress. You can commendably use this home remedy for getting a significant relief in lock jaw, which if not monitored well on time radiates the pain towards the jaw and neck at large.[4]

To follow up this home remedy, put some ice-cubes in a cotton towel and then apply this cold-pack on the lock jaw to get away with the intense pain. To get optimum results try to use this home remedy at least 4-5 times a day or precisely at the moment when the pain in the low jaw tends to emulate significantly.

Aim For Cold Compress

5. Intake Of Chamomile Tea:

This one is optimally tried and tested home remedy for lock jaw. A recent study has also released this fact that intake or consumption of chamomile tea goes a long way in offering a sound relief from the intense lock jaw pain besides helping to induce a sound sleep that further results in offering you a relaxing and rejuvenating effect at large. not only this, but it has also been tried and tested well as an effective home remedy in easing the stiffness in the inflamed lock jaws in a remarkable way.

To follow up this home remedy, just consume about 2-3 cups of hot chamomile tea that besides offering a warm compress to your lock jaw will also depreciates the intense pain in your jaw muscles in a commendable manner.

So, guys, do make a trial of all the above enlisted home remedies for keeping the severe painful issue of lock jaw at a distance besides comforting the inflamed jaw muscles at large. Last but not the least, if the problem persists beyond a week, don’t fail to consult your Medical Practitioner for getting instant solution to the critical issue of lock jaw.[5]

Intake Of Chamomile Tea