5 Juices That Help In Lowering High Cholesterol Level

Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells. However, when the cholesterol level is higher than normal, fatty deposits develop in the blood vessels, which over time, obstructs blood flow through the arteries. High cholesterol level is the leading cause of stroke and heart attack. Dietary and lifestyle changes along with cholesterol lowering medications help in reducing the high cholesterol level. Drinking certain fruit and vegetable juices is considered effective in lowering the cholesterol level. They supply the nutrients your body needs to remove the excess cholesterol from the body.

To Lower High Cholesterol, Consider Adding The Following Juices To Your Diet.

1. Carrot Juice

Fresh carrot juice helps in eliminating the excess cholesterol from the body. It stimulates the liver to release bile and excess fat, which are eliminated from the body through bowel. You can drink up to five glasses of fresh carrot juice per week. For additional benefit, combine it with other green juices.[1]

Carrot Juice

2. Apple Juice

To reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in your blood, drink twelve ounces of apple juice daily. It is known to help in supporting healthy liver function. As the liver plays an important role in regulating the cholesterol level in the body, regular intake of apple juice is beneficial for people suffering from high blood cholesterol.[2]

Apple Juice

3. Celery Juice

Celery juice can cause significant reduction in the cholesterol level. It contains a chemical called butyl phthalide, which is primarily responsible for the cholesterol lowering property of celery juice. Furthermore, consuming celery juice helps in stimulating secretion of bile acid that helps in removing the harmful cholesterol from the body.[3]

Celery Juice

4. Beet Juice

Beet juice is known for its cholesterol reducing property. It is an excellent source of magnesium, which contributes to its cholesterol lowering effect. Studies have found an association between low magnesium level and high LDL cholesterol level in the blood. Beet juice can be taken alone, or, for better result, combined with carrot juice.[4]

Beet Juice

5. Orange Juice

Orange juice is known to help in lowering the LDL or the bad cholesterol level and increasing the HDL or the good cholesterol. Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C. According to studies, vitamin C helps in reducing the harmful cholesterol level in the blood. Furthermore, orange contains herperidin, a flavonoid that boosts the effect of vitamin C.[5]

orange juice