5 Methods For Improving Eyesight

5 Methods For Improving Eyesight

Weak eyesight is mainly associated with problems such as near sightedness or far sightedness. These problems may appear due to genetic factors, poor nutrition, excessive strain on the eyes. You can consult your doctor to check if you are undergoing any serious problem. If not, then you can follow the few methods at home. These methods are mentioned down here. Do go through each and practice. In case, you are doubtful, consult your doctor first.

Let’s Know The Five Methods To Improve Eyesight

1. Perform Eye Exercise:

This is the foremost tip that everyone should follow [1]. Performing eye exercises makes the eye muscles even more flexible and improve the blood flow in the eye region that maintains the optimal vision. Do perform the eye exercise regularly as it is very helpful in combating eye strain and also for improving the concentration as well as focus.There are few eye exercises that you can follow. First, hold a pencil in your hand and keep it at arm’s length in front of the eyes. Now move it closer and then farther after some time. Do this for some time. The other exercise is about rolling your eyes in clockwise direction first and then in anti-clockwise. Keep on blinking in between. Do this exercise five times every day. Alternatively, you can try eye fluttering. You have to blink your eyes 20-30 times rapidly without any brake. Finally close your eyes for some time and then repeat again. Perform this exerice few times everyday.

 Perform Eye Exercise

2. Ginkgo Biloba:

Not only improving the vision, this herb is very helpful in increasing blood flow to the eyes [2]. The herb is very helpful in protecting yes against various other eyes problems.You can consume 120 mg standardized capsule of this herb daily. However, do suggest your family doctor for the doses and also if you are undergoing any medication or some serious problem, consult your doctor first.

Ginkgo Biloba

3. Almonds:

Almonds is known form ages for its health benefits [3]. Rich in vitamin e, antioxidants and fatty acids, almonds other than promoting better eyesight helps in enhancing memory and concentration as well.Add 5 to 10 almonds in milk every night and drink and milk in the morning along with the almonds. Do chew the almonds thoroughly before swallowing. Alternatively, you can also drink milk mixed with one to two teaspoon of almond powder very night or in the morning.


4. Follow Sunning And Palming:

These two methods are beneficial for eyes as these help in reactivating and flexing the eye lens and the ciliary muscles around it [4]. Sunning is mentioned beneficial in the chinese culture as it uses the sun’s healing power while palming helps in promoting a sense of relaxation and well being.For sunning, close your eyes and sit in the well sunlight area. Allow the sunlight to fall on your close eyelids for some time. Do breath deeply at this time. Perform this method few times everyday and then palming. For palming method, rub your palms together and cup your eyes with it. Do not let any trace of light enter the cup or the eyes. Stick to this method few times everyday. Do visualize a peaceful atmosphere while doing this.

Follow Sunning And Palming

6. Bilberry:

Another popular herb for promoting better eyesight, bilberry helps in stimulating the regeneration of the visual component of retina [6]. Bilberry protects eyes against several other problems as well.For its consumption, have one and half cup of ripe bilberry fruits daily. There are bilberry supplements available as well that you can consume two to three times every day. However, do consult your doctor before starting its consumption.