5 Natural Ways To Cope With COPD

5 Natural Ways To Cope With COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or COPD as it is commonly called is slowly making its presence felt all over the world and today in the U.S. it is the third leading cause of death. With approximately thirteen million Americans already suffering from this disease the time has come to rise to the occasion and find a proper solution. First and foremost let us briefly understand what COPD is. COPD is a condition that causes the airway tubes located in the lungs to become inflammatory thus restricting air flow which is vital for breathing. COPD is in fact a respiratory disease that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis and even asthma. Smoking is the number one cause apart from other factors like inhaling chemical fumes, dust and air pollution. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is progressive by nature with its symptoms getting worse as the disease progresses.Currently There Is No Permanent Medicinal Solution To This Problem; However, Certain Lifestyle Changes That Are Absolutely Natural Can Be Adopted To Cope With This Disease.

5 Natural Ways To Cope With COPD:

1. Stop Smoking Altogether:

Smoking being the foremost cause of this disease must be stopped altogether. Alternative smoking or e-cigarettes which are usually projected as less damaging should also be stopped. The fact that e-cigarettes destroy body’s defense mechanism against respiratory disorders has been amply proved in a recent research. Passive smoking too can make you a victim of COPD. Therefore, if you are a non-smoker avoid places where people usually smoke like smoking zones in offices.

Exposing children to smoking and air pollution halts their lung growth and eventually make them susceptible to this disease. Those having COPD and still continue to smoke become easy targets of lung infection that often proves to be fatal in the long run.

Stop smoking altogether

2. Being Physically Active:

Breathlessness is the main constraint against physical activity experienced by those suffering from COPD. However, ironically regular exercise can actually prove to be beneficial for symptoms like shortness of breath. Physical activities that mainly involve cardio workouts like walking, jogging and cycling make the respiratory muscles strong that goes on to increase the resistance power of the body. Having said that one mustn’t forget the importance of water based exercises like aqua-walking and swimming too. At the same time alternative exercises like yoga and tai chi also proves to be helpful as it teaches the body endurance which is so important to overcome the woeful symptoms of this disease.

Being physically active

3. A Healthy Weight:

Those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder must be careful about their weight. COPD patients must know how to strike a balance between being overweight and underweight. By being overweight you are constantly pressurizing the heart and lungs thus making breathing a difficult task. Besides your body becomes all the more susceptible to other lifestyle issues like sleep apnea, diabetes and acid reflux disease. This in fact acts as a double whammy against COPD. Thus being overweight is totally unwanted in case you are suffering from COPD and therefore must do anything and everything to control weight like following a strict diet regime. However, an underweight COPD patient with less muscle strength is at a greater risk of dying due to this disease.

Heavy breathing during COPD already takes a toll on your system as it burns ten times the number of calories than a normal person. Being underweight also means poor quality immune system that makes you vulnerable to frequent flare ups.

 A Healthy Weight

4. Practice Breathing Exercises:

COPD is a disease whose healing process involves inhalation of more and more oxygen. For this you need to adopt certain breathing techniques that can help to optimize oxygen levels in the blood. An increased blood oxygen level keeps breathlessness in check and ensures less fatigue which is so important to lead a qualitative life. Thus COPD patients must not hesitate to try some breathing techniques recommended by the American Association for Respiratory Care.

The two main types are pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing. To understand better about these techniques you can even seek assistance from a respiratory therapist.

Practice Breathing Exercises

5. Avoid Taking Stress:

Mental stress is very commonly experienced while dealing with the challenges of chronic diseases like COPD. The negativity involved in this emotion often creates difficulties in the process of management of this disease. For COPD patients it especially holds true that stress and anxiety could lead to dangerous circumstances. Panic attacks in people suffering from COPD enhances breathing problems that ultimately leads to hospitalization and increased use of medicines. However, the good news is there are ways to control stress and anxiety at home. For this you need to practice meditation and yoga on a regular basis.

Thus consuming medicines prescribed for COPD along with stress management can go a long way in getting relief from this disease.

Avoid Taking Stress