5 Outstanding Breathing Exercises For Healthy Lungs!

Our human body is an integration of various vital organs and cells. Among all the vital organs, lungs is usually one of the most largest body organ that tends to supply the human cells with oxygen besides ejecting carbon-dioxide of your body in a most commendable manner. A recent survey has concluded this fact Smoking, pollution , indoor air pollution like dust ,dirt and many more have severely affected our lungs and thus the most visualized outcome is the Breathing problems.

One of the most outstanding strategies to purify or cleanse your lungs is the optimal follow up of certain breathing exercises. Regular follow-up of these exercises goes a long way in keeping your relaxed and calm, depreciating the level of stress, improving the lung volume besides cleansing the air passage of your body in a most significant manner. Highlighted below are 5 of such most optimal and outstanding breathing exercises that besides keeping your fit and healthy goes a long way in keeping your lungs healthy. Let’s have a brief in-sight on all these breathing exercises, one-by-one:

1. Abdominal Breathing:

To follow up this optimum breathing exercise, just lay down straight on a ground but precisely keeping your knees slightly in a bending position. Now, place your left arm alongside your abdomen and the right arm besides your chest. Then, slowly commence the inhaling and exhaling breathing exercise. While breathing in , try to inflate your stomach just like a balloon and in a similar context expand your ribs along with the upper chest so as to fill it with fresh air. Lastly, exhale completely so as to pull out the air out of your body. Do this deep breathing exercise in 5 cycles for at least 10-15 minutes on routine basis.

Abdominal Breathing

2. Chinese Breathing Exercise:

This is another best exercise for keeping your lungs healthy. For doing so, sit down comfortably alongside the boundary of the chair while placing your arms alongside the knees. Now, look forward and be comfortable, then unfasten your mouth and breathe out all the air vigorously from the lungs. Now, contract your abdomen while exhaling and then lean in a forward direction so as to vigorously pulling out air from your lungs. Next, keep your abdomen in a calm manner and then breath all the air all the way from your nostrils while getting back in the initiating position. Repeat this exercise in 10 cycles, with 5 intermediate counts in each cycle.Chinese Breathing Exercise

3. Pursed Lips Breathing Exercise:

One of the prominent exercises that aids in the better functioning of your lungs is the pursed lips. This breathing exercise can leisurely bring-down breathing and then tends to keep your airways wide-open for a long time. This way the functioning of the lungs will be improved and thus aiding in the switch over of carbon-dioxide and oxygen in a most commendable manner. You can follow-up this exercise any time of the day. Now, inhale the air through your nostrils. Then , purse your lips in a way you are pouting or like a blowing out air pattern. Now, exhale moderately through while keeping your lips in a pursed manner. Repeat this exercise in 10 cycles with 5 counts in each cycle.

Pursed Lips Breathing Exercise

4. Alternate Nostril Breathing:

For following this breathing exercise, sit comfortably on a flat surface and then shut your eyes. Now, put your right thumb to block the right-end of your nostril and then commendably inhale through the left-side of your nostril. Then, hold-on your breathe for about a minute and then open the right-end of your nostril. Similar to the previous step, close the left-end of your nostril with the help of your middle-most finger and exhale-out through the right-end of the nostril. Perform this breathing exercise in 5 cycles with 10 counts and do it in a routine manner.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

5. Humming Bee Breathing Exercise:

One of the most amazing exercises for healthy lungs is the humming bee breathing exercise. For doing this exercise, sit down comfortably in a lotus-position while keeping your eyes closed. Now, put your index finger above the cartilage between your ear and cheeks. Now, initiate inhaling the fresh air while making a loud vibration or a humming noise as your perform exhaling. A general rule of thumb states that you should make a loud-humming sound while performing this breathing exercise. Now, gently press the cartilage while doing inhaling and exhaling movements in the most commendable manner. Perform this breathing exercise in 10 cycles with 5 counts with-in each cycle.

Humming Bee Breathing Exercise

So, this is all about the 5 outstanding breathing exercises that aids in the proper functioning of the lungs alongside keeping them healthy in a most commendable manner at large. But mind it you have to do all these regular exercises on a regular mode for getting optimum benefits.