5 Overwhelming Infused Water Concoction To Keep You Hydrated This Summer!

Now-a-days, intake of infused water concoctions goes a long way in keeping you hydrated along with nourishing your body with incredibly huge amounts of Vitamins and Minerals, whose intake tends to keep you hydrated and alongside aids in maintaining the pH levels of your body. Infused water formulas basically comprises of a glass container filled with some juicy fruits and natural herbs that goes a long way in maintaining the healthy sustenance of your body at large.

During summer season, markets are usually flooded with numerous juicy fruits that not only aids in quenching your thirst but also goes a long way in keeping you nourished and hydrated all day long. Nevertheless, these infused water formulas may also contain some natural herbs that are easily accessible in your pantry like mint, cilantro and many more that tends to offer optimum benefits to your health in every way possible.

Highlighted below are 5 such Overwhelming Infused water formula’s that tends to keep you hydrated and well-nourished especially during the summer season. Let’s get into the details of the recipe of this infused water concoction’s which you can easily prepare in your kitchen:

1. Amalgamation Of Strawberry And Mint Infused Water Concoction:

This infused water concoction contains an active ingredient called Strawberry which is enriched with Vitamin C and whose intake tends to offer incredible nourishing effects on your heath along with mint leaves that is aided with an enriched anti-bacterial content that keeps your stomach intact besides keeping you refreshed and aids in healthy digestion.

Ingredients And Method Of Preparation:

Fresh Strawberries: 6-7 Pieces
Fresh Mint leaves; 15-16 Leaves
Water: about 1 liter

To prepare this amazing infused water concoction, what you are required to do is to fill the glass jar with fresh normal water and then take the strawberries in the required proportion as enlisted above, slice them thinly and then add it to the glass jar. Next, chop the mint leaves and put it into the glass jar. Shake all the contents well within the glass jar and then put this jar in the refrigerator for about 5 -6 hours. Addition of strawberry will contributes towards an awesome fruity fragrance whereas addition of mint leaves will go a long way in adding the refreshness to this infused water concoction at large.

Amalgamation Of Strawberry And Mint Infused Water Concoction

2. Amalgamation Of Apple And Cinnamon Infused Water Concoction:

What to say about this incredible and amazing combination of apple and cinnamon infused water concoction. More appropriately, Apples are usually categorized as the power-house of some amazing nutrients along with some prominent vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants whose intake tends to make us stronger from inside.

Alongside, this infused water concoction also comprises of cinnamon, which is a potent source of various anti-oxidants and incredibly rich in innumerable anti-inflammatory properties and aids in fighting with any impending germs or viruses. Since both these effective and easily accessible ingredients accolade each other, so the regular consumption of this water concoction goes a long way in keeping you intact this summer.

Ingredients And Method Of Preparation:

Apples: 2 in quantity, thinly chopped
Cinnamon: 2 sticks
Water: about 1 liter

First of all, put the thinly chopped apples in the Mason jar and then fill it with water as suggested above in quantity. Now, stir it with a spatula. This should be followed by putting the cinnamon sticks in the desired ration in the amalgamated infused water concoction. Now, finally shake the mason glass jar, so that all the contents will infused their flavor and effect in this water concoction. Then, go ahead and have it!

Amalgamation Of Apple And Cinnamon Infused Water Concoction

3. Amalgamation Of Lime And Lemon Juice Infused Water Concoction:

Most appropriately this particular water concoction is also referred to as ‘a miraculous Citrus Punch’. Since lemon is enriched with vital Vitamin C along with powerful anti-oxidants that are quite beneficial for your skin and tends to make it radiant in all possible ways. Moreover, it is very effective in repairing the free radical damages incurred on the skin du to environmental or internal bodily factors. Nevertheless, this hydrated infused water concoction is quite a refreshing drink that one should take during intense summers.

Ingredients And Method Of Preparation:

Lemon: 2, in quantity
Lime: 1, in quantity
Fresh Mint leaves: about 10-12 leaves
Water: 1 liter

This overwhelming infused water Concoction is quite easy to prepare at home. What you are required to do is to take a glass jar and fill it with water. Then squeeze some lemons in the quantity as narrated above in this water. On the top of it, put some lime slices. Additionally, if you want you can put some sugar or salt for taste, but this is purely optional. At last put some chopped mint leaves over the lemon and lime mix. Now, put this glass jar in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours and have it whenever required. This is a perfect infused water concoction that besides keeping you hydrated all day long also tends to main the vitamin C lemon in equilibrium in your body.

Amalgamation Of Lime And Lemon Juice Infused Water Concoction

4.  Amalgamation Of Peach And Ginger Infused Water Concoction:

Peach is one of the most remarkable fruit that you can have during summers. Enriched with a lot of potent minerals including magnesium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and many more is one of the prominent source of dietary fiber that you can take significantly besides the fact it keeps your cholesterol under check. Along with ginger which is quite beneficial for your digestion and tend to keep nausea, motion-sickness and loss of appetite at bay. So , go ahead and prepare this ideal infused water concoction for healthy you this summer.

Ingredients And Method Of Preparation:

Ginger: 1, Medium size, peeled and thinly sliced
Peach: 2-3, chopped thinly into slices
Lemon Juice: 1 tablespoon
Water: 1 liter

Fill the Mason jar with water and then put ginger and chopped peach slices over it. Now, pour the lemon juice in the prescribed quantity over it. Stir it well and then put it in refrigerator for about 2-3 hours. This way the peached and ginger infused water concoction is ready, serve it chill and remain hydrated all day long.

Amalgamation Of Peach And Ginger Infused Water Concoction

5. Amalgamation Of Blueberry And Orange Infused Water Concoction:

What to say of this tastier and healthier infused water concoction that in incredibly rich in a lot of anti-oxidants and vitamin C that not only keeps you hydrated but also tends keep the signs at aging at bay from you besides keeping your skin glowing and radiant in a commendable manner.

Ingredients And Method Of Preparation:

Oranges: 2, in quantity and must be thinly sliced
Blueberries: 10-12, pricked generously with the fork
Mint Leaves: 10-12, finely chopped
Water: 1 liter

First of all fill the Mason jar with water and then put the blueberries and thinly sliced orange pieces into it. Stir it well with a spatula and then put some mint leaves on the top of this amalgamation. Refrigerate it for 2 hours and then have this chilling and refreshing drink for your sound sustenance during summer.

Amalgamation Of Blueberry And Orange Infused Water Concoction

This is all about the 5 overwhelming infused water concoction for your keeping you hydrated and healthier this summer!