5 Remarkable Home Remedies For Lowering High Cholesterol

5 Remarkable Home Remedies For Lowering High Cholesterol

In today’s fast paced life Unhealthy and Sedentary life style patterns are the prime reasons for High Cholesterol, High BP, Obesity, Thyroid issues and many more. A recent survey conducted by some Medical Association has revealed this fact that any person who is a victim of High Cholesterol, is at the border line of impending heart attacks and various other heart ailments. So, whether you are a sufferer of Cholesterol or not can be declared by carrying a Medical Test known as ‘Lipid Profile’.

Cholesterol is basically the deposition of extra fat in our body and it possesses a stiff – waxy fat like outlook and does performs some natural and vital functions in our body like it lets our body to make hormones, which are important for the development of healthy bones as well as muscles. Not only this, but it also plays the part of an important constituent which helps in the structuring of cell walls present in our body. It is generated by liver and is conceded in our blood by proteins. Amalgamation of blood and proteins is also referred to as ‘Lipoproteins and the presence of extremely high amounts of lipids in body is also termed as ‘Hyperlipidemia’ which can pose adverse effect on your health.

Cholesterol are often categorized into 2 main categories, namely: HDL and LDL. An acronym ‘HDL’ stands for ‘High Density Lipoprotein’ and is more often categorized as a ‘Good Cholesterol’ which is supposed to be present in our body in high proportion. It is the task of HDL to carry cholesterol back to the liver and far-far away from the cells present in our body. Once it gets backs to its origin (liver) it will be either decomposed or flushed out of our body, just like a discarded product.

In contrast, an acronym ‘LDL’ stands for ’Low Density Lipoprotein’ and is more often categorized as a ‘Bad Cholesterol’ which is supposed to be present in our body in Low proportion. It is the task of LDL to carry cholesterol to the body cells which require it the most but it’s too much deposition on the walls of the arteries can damage them completely, which is a symptom of impending heart ailment.

So, all we can say is that the presence of cholesterol in our body is not at all a good sign for our good health. So, better to keep strict watch over it and follow the below mentioned 5 remarkable home remedies for controlling the high cholesterol.

Do Follow Them Properly And See The Worth Notifying Accuracy In The Level Of Cholesterol In Your Body:

1. Follow Up Exercise In Your Daily Regime:

Regular Exercise goes a long way in lowering your LDL (Bad cholesterol) and endorsing your HDL (Good Cholesterol) [1]. As we all know, in today’s hectic and fast paced life, Exercise has become the necessary asset that helps to keep us fit and healthy. Besides this routine movement of body helps in hiking the robustness of your heart in a consistent way. You can include a large variety of exercises in your daily regime like Aerobic exercises, Brisk Walking, Cycling, Jogging, Cardiovascular exercises, Weight lifting exercises, Swimming and many more. Now-a-days Zumba has also got extensive familiarity, you can even go for that for lowering your cholesterol in an effective way.

Follow Up Exercise In Your Daily Regime

2. Control Your Body Weight: 

Being obese or Over-weight can also be the reason for imbalanced Cholesterol levels in your body [2]. That means, if you seriously wish to feel fit and Hale and Hearty, do keep a check on your body weight and try to control it, if you are getting over the limit as per your BMI (Body Mass Index). For this you severely needs to work on your lifestyle changes along with making a significant alteration in your Diet Chart. Try to avoid junk and fried food as much as possible. To make your weight-loss regime more effective, do include a lot of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet, which not only balances Cholesterol levels in your body but also helps to control your body weight.

Control Your Body Weight

3. Increase The Intake Of Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids goes a long way in lowering Cholesterol levels in your body along with offering you numerous other vital benefits as well which includes increasing HDL Cholesterol in your body, controlling your BP, and in the healthy activity of your heart [3]. Fish is the rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids besides it you can also include the intake of Almonds, Flax Seeds as well as Walnuts in your daily diet plan ,since they are also found to be the prominent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Increase The Intake Of Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

4. Escalate The Intake Of Soluble Fiber In Your Diet :

Oatmeal, Oat Bran, Lentils, Vegetables, Okra, Eggplant, Barley, Beans and many more are the prominent sources of soluble fiber [4]. By escalating the intake of soluble fibers in your diet you will not only lowers your cholesterol level in the blood but will also prevent yourself from various heart ailments. Soluble fiber rich diet acts as a scrubber for your intestines that promotes healthy intestinal functions. So, friends do make it a habit to eat at least fiber rich diet once during the whole day for controlling the Bad cholesterol.

Escalate The Intake Of Soluble Fiber In Your Diet

5. Garlic For Lowering Cholesterol:

Garlic is an active ingredient that is easily available in your pantry [5]. Not only its inclusion in the meals enhances its flavor but also helps in balancing cholesterol levels in your blood. Research has also revealed this fact that Intake of Garlic helps in the reducing the triglyceride levels and the total cholesterol levels in your body. Along with it, Garlic is also rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and ant-viral properties that improves the liver function and balancing your Blood Pressure. To add more effectiveness of this ingredient on your body try to consume 2-3 flakes of Garlic daily by baking it simply on the skillet pan and taking it preferably during bed time.

 Garlic For Lowering Cholesterol

So, guys what are you waiting for? If you are a victim of high Cholesterol level in your blood, do follow the above listed home remedies which not only helps in lowering or balancing the imbalance cholesterol level in the blood but also offers you a healthy, hale and hearty life style. The sooner the better it is!