5 Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin


Not every one is fortunate to have normal skin types. The skin types changes according to the person. Therefore, there are different points to keep in mind while treating your skin. Today you are going to learn more about the dry skin types. Many of us have this type of skin. Like oily skin, acnes and pimples do not occur frequently on dry skin types. This way it is safe but the flakiness and absence of glow makes it look completely unattractive. You may try using this or that cream but you cannot normalize your skin type because it is not always the creams and lotions that becomes the remedy. Sometimes Dos and don’tS which appear small can come out as the ultimate remedy for skin. do read about such tips and follow.

Here Are 5 Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin:

1. Use Moisturizer 

People having dry skin without knowing how many times they have to apply the moisturizer apply it several times a day. However, this is not the correct treatment you should be giving to your skin. You must go for moisturizer but once every day. While choosing a moisturizer for your skin, go for thick and greasy one. Also, apply right after you take a bath as the skin is still damp and can soak its ingredients thus helping the dry skin out.

Use moisturizer

2. Avoid Using Harsh Soap

The biggest curse to the skin is the soup but unfortunately it is also the need. While bathing with any soup, the skin gets even drier and harsh very soon. Therefore, make sure that you are using a gentle soup & not too harsh or lethargy. Soaps giving much foam contain mostly alcohol and detergents that makes the dry skin even worse. Also, after every wash slap the area few times to improve blood circulation.

Avoid using harsh soap

3. Keep Your Bath Or Shower Short

If you have dry skin and love to take bath often then keep a few things in mind while bathing. The foremost is to stop bathing every now and then. The tip is for those who take bath more than once in a day. The other one is to make sure that you keep the bath short. Taking long time in bath makes the skin even drier therefore, go for short one and moisturize soon after you are done.

Keep your bath or shower short

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Not only for dry skin but drinking water is suggested for every skin type. If you are a man then you should be drinking at least 14 glasses of water while women should drink at least 10-11 glass of water every day. This much water keeps the skin moisturized and healthy from inside as well as outside. I can understand that if not a habit then this much water seems difficult to drink but don’t worry this will become a habit soon especially if you are passionate about keeping your skin healthy at any cost.

Drink plenty of water

5. Check The Water That You Are Using

Don’t just go for any type of water. At first, you should be using distilled water and then have to keep in mind the degree of hotness of water. Whenever you wash your skin in warm weather, go for normal water while in cold weather, go for warm or lukewarm water, the purpose of using such water is to make sure that the skin receives proper blood circulation all the time. In summer, the outside is already warm therefore, blood circulation is proper but it may change in winter due to cold weather. Keeping this in mind, go for warm and normal water accordingly.

Check the water that you are using