5 Stimulating Homemade Essential Oils To Get Away With Headaches !

Headache is one of the most common issues faced by most us. Usually when a person is targeted by Headaches, he will considerably lose his focus on his task. There are innumerable factors that tend to be an optimum cause responsible for the headaches and amid all the factors, Stress is one of the leading factor responsible for it. An easy way that most of us offers to keep headaches at bay is the intake of pain-killers that are easily available over the counters. But over-dosage of the pain –killers usually create an adverse impact on your health besides weakening your immune system in an incredible manner.

Among all the homemade strategies to get away with headaches, usage of essential oils also plays quite a pivot role in keeping you relieved from headaches in a credible manner. Since, essential oils contain aromatic fumes whose application plays a pivot role in calming your nervous system at large. But mind it; always use these essential oils in combination with other carrier oils or with the addition of water, as it will dilute it in a significant manner besides depreciating the chances of any negative reaction on your health in a commendable manner.

Discussed below are 5 of such stimulating homemade essential oils whose applications will goes a long way in getting away with headaches in a most considerable manner. Let’s discuss all of them in detail, one-by-one:

1. Spearmint Essential Oil:

Usage of this essential oil is one of the most prominent home remedy for keeping headaches at bay. Besides this, spearmint oil has a mild and soothing fragrance and is quite safe to be used even on kids. Spearmint oil is quite beneficial in improving the circulation of blood which thus tends to be the prime cause of headaches. Moreover, it is quite gentle and serene as compared to peppermint oil.

To use it optimally for overcoming the mild to severe headaches, just combine about 2-3 droplets of spearmint essential oil along with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and heat it for a second. Then apply this amalgamated essential oil on your forehead, temples as well as on the back of your neck and just sit relaxed to notify its majestic effect in overcoming headache in a most commendable manner.[1]

Spearmint Essential Oil

2. Lemon Essential Oil:

One of the most advantageous factors of using lemon essential is that it elevates away stress in generically few minutes with its lovely citrusy fragrance and thus goes a long way in altering your mood. A recent study has also revealed the significance of lemon essential oil in numerous pain Management Strategies alongside overcoming headaches in a most significant manner.

To optimally use this homemade remedy for overcoming headache, what you are required to do is to put 1-2ndrops of lemon essential oil on a cotton towel and then snuffle it off to get a spontaneous relief from the headache. Alternatively, you can prepare an amalgamated mix of 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil along with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and then heat it for a while. Then use this oil on your neck, shoulders, forehead and temples to get an instantaneous relief from headaches in a commendable manner.[2]

Lemon Essential Oil

3. Black Pepper Essential Oil:

This one is the most prompt way to alleviate headache and stress. A scientific study conducted most recently has revealed this fact that Black Pepper contains Piperine -a stuff that is contained in huge proportion in Black Pepper and that is responsible for black pepper’s infused spicy flavour. This ingredient is quite effective in alleviating headaches usually resulting due to extreme stress or migraine pain by just relaxing your muscles along with nerves and thus stimulating the circulation of blood in a most significant manner.[3]

Black Pepper Essential Oil

To effectively use this essential oil, just pour down 2-3 drops of black pepper essential oil on a cotton towel and then snuffle it off generously to relieve headache in a speedy manner.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

A most effective home remedy for overcoming headache is the usage of Eucalyptus essential oil. This oil not only aids in relieving headaches but also offers you quite a lot of benefits by relieving you from extreme stress or the problem of sinus by delling the nasal openings along with controlling the circulation of blood in a most commendable manner.

To use this homemade therapy, just take a steamer filled with water and then add to it about 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil to it. Now, when water begins to boil, then inhale its vapours. This approach will definitely assists in overcoming headache in a remarkable manner. Alternatively, you can amalgamate the mix of 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oil with 1 teaspoon of grape -seed oil and then apply this oil with the help of your fingers on your forehead and alongside temples and just relax down to see its majestic effect to keep headache at bay.[4]

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

5. Ginger Essential Oil:

This is one of the most amazing homemade remedy for keeping even more severe headaches at bay. It has an intense and soothing aroma which tends to offer you a spontaneous relief from various clusters of headaches and migraines along with evicting the issue of nausea that is often accompanied with a headache and then commendably uplifts your mood by calming down your nerves.[5]

To follow this home remedy, what you are required to do is to combine about 2-3 drops of ginger essential oil along with 1 teaspoon of a coconut oil and then massing this oil on your forehead along with back of your neck to overcome headache in a most commendable way.

Ginger Essential Oil

This is all about 5 stimulating homemade essential oils that keeps headache at bay besides aiding in overcoming the severe issues of migraines, nausea that generally accompanies headache, sinus and many more under control. But mind it to use all these essential oils in a routine manner unless the headache completely vanishes. Last but not the least, if the problem still persists, then do consult your medical practitioner before the problem becomes un-control.