5 Superfood Powders You Should Include In Your Diet For Good Health

Superfood powders are generally extracted from the plants and fruits. These superfood powders contain higher nutritional values which are beneficial for our overall health. Today we would be discussing about few super food powders which you can include in your diet and recipes to get the maximum benefits from it. Here we are listing down the top five super food powders along with their benefits, their usage and precautions to be taken before using them .

So let’s Have A Look:

1. Lucuma Powder:

I am sure most of you must have heard of this for the first time. Lucuma powder is derived from the Lucuma fruit. It is a delicious sweet fruit which contains high level of anti inflammatory properties. Apart from this it is also a great anti ageing ingredient which helps to repair the damage skin cells. Though it is sweet in taste it does not affect the sugar level in your body. It is also beneficial to improve the immunity system and boost the antibiotic qualities. You can add Lucuma Powder while making the smoothies.

Lucuma Powder

2. Acai Powder:

This is the highly raved and most popular superfood powder. You must have noticed that many celebrities swear by it. Acai powder is extracted from the acai berries. Acai powder is rich in fiber which helps in digestion. Apart from this it also contains high amount of fatty acids which are great for your heart. It is not only delicious but loaded with health benefits as well. It also contains high level of vitamin e and calcium which is good for skin as well. You must have heard that acai powder also helps with the weight loss which is not true. You can sprinkle the acai powder on your fruit salads to get the benefits from it.

Acai Powder

3. Spirulina Powder:

This is again would be a new name for some of you. Spirulina is nothing but a form of algae which is green in color. Spirulina powder contains phycocyanin which helps to lower the blood pressure. Nowadays you must have heard of arsenic toxicity. This is nothing but the heavy metal toxicity in the body. It occurs due to consumption of arsenic through drinking water. Spirulina helps to detox the heavy metals from the body. Hence most of the people those who are suffering from arsenic toxicity are advised to consume Spirulina powder. You can add this powder to your smoothies and consume it. It is not that great in taste but it has certainly got many benefits.

Spirulina Powder

4. Moringa Powder:

Moringa Powder is extracted from the dried moringa leaves. Due to its higher level of iron content it helps to combat the fatigue issue effectively. It also contains high level of Vitamin C & Vitamin E which are great for mental as well as brain health. It is also a rich source of protein since it contains different types of amino acids. It is a great alternative of protein source for vegetarians. It is advised that pregnant women or those who are breast feeding should avoid taking it. You can use it over your salads or smoothies.

Moringa Powder

5. Maca Powder:

Last but not the least. Maca powder is attained from the Maca plant. It is also known as Peruvian Ginseng. It helps to regulate the hormones responsible for metabolism and mood. Hence it is great for overall hormonal health. You would be surprised to know that maca powder also helps to alleviate the menstrual cramp pain. Due to its delicious taste it can be also used in various beverages to enhance their flavor. It is advised to start with dose of one teaspoon per day and increase it gradually. Also its is advised not to be consumed by the pregnant women.

Maca Powder

That’s it. Hope you liked this post. We have tried to give the basic information and usage about these superfoods. Since every body’s body and lifestyle is different. Hence the consumption and usage of it would be different. It is always recommended to consult your nutrition expert before having these super foods.