5 Tips To Keep Dizziness Away

It is not an illness neither a disease but something that feels worse than these. The head starts spinning and we lose our balance are the main effects of dizziness. There can be many causes of dizziness such as low blood sugar, stress, poor blood circulation and dehydration. Try getting rid of these problems and you will be able to solve this grave problem. How you can do that is given down here.

Here Are The 5 Diet Tips To Keep Dizziness Away:

1. Eat Something Healthy

Low blood sugar especially for diabetes patients can sometimes be the reason of dizziness. This can be prevented by keeping the blood sugar normal. To such patients, whenever dizziness strikes, grab some healthy snack particularly something that is high in carbohydrate or sugar. Banana or a bar of chocolate is also not such a bad idea. Just because you are advised to eat something, does not mean that you should eat junk food. While choosing this option, always go for healthy snack or food. Do give up cigarette or things containing caffeine while dealing with this problem.


2. Perform Some Simple Exercises

When dizziness strikes, it is very difficult to leave the bed but performing a few exercises can become e great help.

The exercises that you can perform are – moving your neck anti-clockwise and clockwise and moving your eyeballs in whatever direction you can. You can also try visual fixation. Continuously sitting and standing at a particular place also helps in taking away dizziness. You can perform some walking exercises like try walking at a steep place while fixing the eyes at a particular point. Whichever exercise you pick up, try following it at least three times every day and your dizziness will surrender faster than any medication.


3. Try Ginger

Ginger is one of the best remedy for dizziness. It is believed to solve this problem faster than any other thing in the whole wide world. Eating ginger regulates the blood flow to the brain and takes away the cause of dizziness. You may incorporate ginger in your diet such as taking ginger supplements, chewing ginger roots every day or the best option is to drink ginger tea daily. You may even chew ginger candies or lollipops daily.


4. Have Mustard And Salt

If the very reason for dizziness goes away, dizziness too will go away. If you are able to increase your blood circulation in your body, you can actually be able to defeat dizziness.

Take a glass and add salt, mustard, pepper and vinegar in equal proportion. Mix properly and drink this mixture along with one full of lukewarm water. This helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body and keeps the feet study on the ground.


5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Many a times, dizziness is caused by dehydration which happens when the body does not get plenty of water and from other illnesses like diarrhea and vomiting which causes our body to lose too much fluid. Although, dizziness brings weakness and is very tiresome for our body but by following few important measures can help to overcome this drastic problem. When suffering from dizziness, drink plenty of water. There are people, who find is difficult to drink too much water, such people can switch to other fluids like energy drinks, hot tea and diluted fruit juice.