5 Useful Home Therapies For Leucorrhoea

Useful Home Therapies For Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is the scientific name for vaginal discharge. It is also known as whites or white discharge. It is a normal thing experienced by women of all ages. Female genitals can easily get infections and inflammations since it is wet and ladies sweat a lot in that area. When the quantity of this discharge increases, it can be said as abnormal. This condition may continue for weeks and even months. Treatments must be taken at the initial stage itself. It can become chronic if left untreated. This issue can be embarrassing for women since it can produce a foul vaginal odor. Leucorrhoea can cause fatigue, extreme tiredness, lethargic, pain in the calves and lumbar regions. Sometimes when the body is filled with toxins and when the organs responsible for removing these toxins like kidney, bowels and skin are unable to eliminate the toxins, it can be washed out of the body in the form of white discharge. Other reasons are like unhygienic circumstances that pulls the bacteria to female genitals, displacement of the womb and infections post child birth. Visit a gynecologist to solve this issue. Instead you can opt for homemade therapies which are natural and free from side effects.

Try Any Of The Home Remedies Below For Leucorrhoea:

1. Lady’s Finger:

Lady’s finger is a great remedy for white discharges. Obtain 100 gm of this vegetable and cut them transversely [1]. Boil them in half a liter of water for half an hour. Strain the mixture and add some honey or sugar for taste. Store this decoction in a glass bottle. Have an intake of 60 to 90ml of this liquid frequently. It can reduce pain and irritations caused by genital problems in ladies especially leucorrhoea. Follow this remedy properly till you obtain improvements.

Lady’s Finger

2. Vitamins A and B:

Increase the intake of food containing vitamins A and B  [2]. These vitamins are essential for the good health of our body. It can prevent the occurrence of leucorrhoea. For those suffering from this problem, it can give some relief and can reduce the symptoms of excessive white discharge issues.

Vitamins A and B

3. Fenugreek:

Take 2 tablespoonfuls of fenugreek seeds [3]. Crush them fully or partially and add it to 4 cups of water. Heat the mixture and once it boils simmer it for half an hour. Then allow it to cool before straining. Have a cup of this tea at least 4 times a day. Do this continuously for best results. It can wash out the system eliminating the unwanted disease causing microbes in our body. After several days this remedy can reduce the quantity of white discharge.


4. Lavender or Juniper:

Essential oils are good for our overall health. It is widely used in aromatherapies [4]. Simply add either of these oils in your bath tub and have a mind-soothing bath. You can also soak yourself in it for some time. Follow this remedy on a daily basis. It can reduce the effects of this ailment and at the same time calming the irritated and inflamed vaginal skin cells.

Lavender or Juniper

5. Amaranth Root:

Take the rind of the root of amaranth plant. Rub it in 25 ml of water [5]. Strain the concoction and drink it twice a day preferably in the mornings and evenings. Check the roots for moth bites before preparing this solution as amaranth root is very vulnerable to moths. If the root is unavailable, you can use the branches and leaves in a similar way. Amaranth root proved to be an effectual remedy for leucorrhoea.

Amaranth Root