5 Very Effective Home Remedies For Cavities

Everyone likes to have healthy and strong teeth but there are certain problems that affect the health of your teeth very badly and one such problem is of cavities. Anyone can suffer from this problem however children are more prone to the problem of cavities. The main reason for the occurrence of cavities is the infection caused due to the bacteria which leads to the demineralisation of teeth and if not treated properly then it ultimately leads to tooth decay. The problem is very painful and includes symptoms like sensitivity, pain, difficulty in drinking too cold or too hot drinks etc. Apart from the infection other factors like improper oral care, unhealthy eating habits, irregular brushing of teeth, nutritional deficiencies etc can also lead to the problem of cavities. It is therefore very important to notice the symptoms of the problem and take proper care.

Here Are Some Useful Home Remedies That One Can Use To Get Relief From The Problem

1. Salt Water

Salt is very effective in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to the problem of cavities. Salt helps in relaxing the oral muscles and provides great relief from the pain. Not only this, salt also helps in providing relief from the bacterial infection which is the main cause of the problem. It is therefore advisable to mix salt in warm water and use the mixture to rinse your mouth several times in a day.[1]

Salt Water

2. Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the best products for maintaining the overall oral health. The anti inflammatory properties of clove oil are very effective and helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to cavities to a very great extent. Not only this, clove oil is rich in anti microbial and anti bacterial properties and hence it is very useful in reducing the bacterial infection. Apply a few drops of clove oil on the affected tooth to get relief.[2]

Clove Oil

3. Indian Lilac Oil

Indian lilac is also a very great product that contains strong anti inflammatory properties and hence is very useful in getting relief from the excruciating pain caused due to the problem of cavities. Not only this, Indian lilac is also rich in anti bacterial properties and hence reduces the bacterial infection as well. Soak cotton in Indian lilac oil and apply the oil on the affected teeth to get relief. Repeat the remedy regularly for better results.[3]

Indian Lilac Oil

4. Garlic Oil

Garlic is a very wonderful product and it contains a lot of useful medicinal properties. The anti inflammatory properties of garlic help in relieving the pain and inflammation of the cavities. Not only this, garlic also contains strong anti bacterial properties and hence you can also get rid of the risk of bacterial infection very effectively and it is therefore advisable to apply diluted garlic oil on your affected teeth to get the benefits.[4]

Garlic Oil

5. Turmeric And Mustard Oil

The combination of turmeric powder and mustard oil is very great for getting relief from the problem of cavities. Turmeric is rich in anti inflammatory properties and therefore you can get relief from the pain and the inflammation. Not only this, turmeric also helps in reducing the bacterial infection and promotes overall health of your teeth. Mix some turmeric powder to small amount of mustard oil to make a paste. You can also add a pinch of salt to make it more effective. Use this mixture and apply it gently over your teeth to get the benefits. Repeat regularly for best results.[5]

Turmeric And Mustard Oil