5 Ways To Overcome Jet Lag

A long journey awaits for us extreme weariness or jet Lag. Jet Lag crisis may occur when you cross multiple time zones i.e. when flying east to west or west to east. The problem is prone to people, who are not much into travelling. The need of the hour is to get rid of the consequences before they start hurting your entire body in the upcoming days. If the issue is not resolved quickly then the problems like indigestion, disturbance of bowel movement, general malaise, daytime sleepiness, trouble in sleeping at night, reduced physical and mental performances may become the possible consequences. Although medicine can be one way to get out of its harsh consequences but there are chances that the medicine might not work or show reverse action inside your body therefore it is better to be on the safer side and adopt some means that are more natural and won’t affect the body adversely. As prevention is better than cure therefore down here are listed the 8 ways that can help you defeat Jet Lag and overcome its bitter consequences.

Here Are 5 Ways To Overcome Jet Lag:

1. Be In The Sun And Remain Active

If the plane takes off at daytime the most effective way is to spend time in the sunlight as much as you can. Remain active and play around instead of going to bed and taking long nap. The exposure to sunlight will help your brain to adjust itself to the new time zone and work accordingly.

Be in the sun and remain active

2. Exercises

Exercise throws a great deal to surpass Jet Lag. Try to make a habit of exercising in the morning or before going to bed. When you exercise in the morning, not only you will feel fresher but your blood flow will also improve and exercising at night will bestow you better sleep. Further performing exercises also helps your tired body part to relax.


3. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the common symptoms of Jet Lag therefore try to stay hydrated on the day of your flight. Don’t consume alcohol or any other beverage as its side effect can add up to the consequences of Jet Lag. Be on the safer side and consume normal water or juice in plenty.

Stay hydrated

4. Try To Avoid Sleeping Medications

When usually happens is when you settle in a new time zone, your body deprives sleep and you feel nostalgic till your body and mind adapts to the new environment. In such conditions, when night deprives sleep, you start resorting to pills which acts like a catalyst promoter to jet Lag. Wean yourself off the sedatives and try to establishing sleeping patterns without depending on pills.

Try to avoid sleeping medications

5. Body Massage

Spa has always been the best relaxing thing for the body, mind, and soul. Go to some spa corner and get the full body massage. This will fill a sense of tranquility in you and help you adapt to the new environment soon. In the beginning, you can take spa in every 2-3 day and later you can fix your own schedule.

body massage