5 Yoga Exercises For Radiant And Active Skin

Our skin is not only a protective layer for our internal organs, but it is an organ in itself.
It has one of the most important functions-the sense of touch. Due to this function, our skin
is interconnected with almost every other organ in our body. This interconnection works the
other way around too, which means just as the internal organs can feel what touches our skin,
same way, our skin reflects how our internal organs feel. This is one of the major reasons that
people with stomach problems often have breakouts on their skin.

So for healthy looking skin, our body must be healthy too and this can be achieved with
exercises like Yoga that not only keeps the body healthy but de-stress it too. Yoga is not all
about flexing and bending. It moves from working on internal body organs to external body
structure. Here are a few Yoga exercise that can help you attain that glow.

1. Bow Pose:

Lay down on your stomach. Keep your arms on either side of your body with palm facing towards
the ceiling. Look at the front resting your chin on the floor. Bend your legs backwards such
that your feet touch the buttocks. Raise the upper portion of your body and hold your ankles
with your hands. Make sure that whole body is balanced at abdomen. Hold for about 15 seconds
before returning to start position.

Repeat this asana three times.
People with high blood pressure, slipped disc and hernia should avoid this exercise.
This asana works on flexing the spinal cord and strengthens all parts of back, spine and hips.

Bow Pose

2. The Seated Forward Bend Pose:

Sit straight with legs stretched. Inhale as you slowly raise your arms above your head with
palms facing forward. Exhale and bend forward keeping the back straight. Try to touch your toes
and stay here for few seconds before returning to previous position.

Repeat this exercise four times.
People suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problem should avoid this exercise.
This yoga pose reduces stress and fatigue and also improves elasticity of skin giving it a
younger look.

The Seated Forward Bend Pose

3. Plough Pose:

Lay down straight on your back. Lift your legs until it makes 90 degree angle with the floor.
Now move your legs over your head until your feet touch the ground. Hold for a minute before
coming to starting position.

Repeat this pose twice.
People with back problems should not attempt this. High blood pressure is another reason to
refrain from this exercise.
This exercise improves the circulation of blood all over the body hence giving a healthy skin.

Plough Pose

4. Cobra Pose:

Lay down on your stomach with your hands on either sides of your shoulder. Inhale in this
position. Exhale as you slightly bend backwards. Hold for 2 seconds. Return to the starting

Repeat this exercise five times.
People with neck and spine problems should not this exercise.
This exercise in breathing oxygen and hence detoxify the body cleansing the skin.

Cobra Pose

5. Corpse Pose:

Lay down straight with your arms on either sides of your body. Relax yourself. Inhale and
exhale at your normal breathing rate. Remain in this position for five minutes.

This exercise should be formed at the last of every yoga session.
This is the concluding yoga pose that incorporates the benefits of whole yoga session. Also, it
relaxes body skin awake, active and healthy.

Corpse Pose