6 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Reducing The Symptoms Of Fever

Reducing The Symptoms Of Fever

Shivering, muscle ache, poor appetite, general weakness, sweating, headache, and dehydration are some of the symptoms of the fever. If your body temperature rises than the normal range, then it is known as fever. Unhygienic lifestyle and changes in the climatic conditions can lead to fever. It is very common to get affected by fever. But if the fever is persistent and creating a lot of inconveniences, then you can easily manage this issue with the help of some herbal remedies. However, you are suggested to take the advice of the doctor before using these herbal remedies.

Today, In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss The Amazing Herbal Remedies For Getting Rid Of Fever.

1. Yarrow

Yarrow has been in use since ancient times to get rid of various health conditions. It is very effective in lowering the fevers as well. It is one of the diaphoretic herbs. It is highly capable of clearing the most deep-seated fever. Decoction or tea made up of yarrow herb is very beneficial for reducing the symptoms of the fever by letting out the internal heat from the body. It also eliminates the waste products which can cause the fever.[1]


2. Linden

You can easily reduce the symptoms of the fever with the help of the linden. This amazing herb is filled with cooling properties. Prefer to consume the linden tea for bringing down the fever. When this amazing tea is drunk, it produces the perspiration to lessen the symptoms of fever. It is very effective in removing the toxins from the body. It gives you relief from a sore throat.[2]


3. Elder

This is an excellent herb that comes to your rescue to keep the symptoms of any type of fever from a touch of flu to the plague at bay. As soon as you find the initial touch of the fever, you are required to take some berries of the elder and add to vinegar. Consume this mixture. This mixture is highly effective in promoting sweat and thus it eliminates the heat from your body.[3]


4. Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is an old herbal remedy of America. It is very helpful in lowering the fever very effectively. It eases colds, coughs and cleanses toxins from the body. This wonderful herb acts as the sudorific and promotes sweating. Thus, it cools the body and lessens the intermittent fevers. It is known to be beneficial in relieving the signs of cold.[4]

Blue Vervain

5. Meadowsweet

This herb has been in use since a long time to combat flu, fever, achy muscles and colds. This is because; this herb consists of the compounds called salicylates which are the natural form of the aspirin. These compounds are very effective in handling the fever. Just take half or one teaspoon meadowsweet tincture for thrice a day. Alternatively, take 1 or two teaspoons dried meadowsweet flowers and steep in one cup of boiled water. Mix them well and consume this mixture for several times in a day.[5]


6. White Willow

White willow bark is loaded with amazing medicinal properties. The bark of the white willow contains salicin and is highly known to be beneficial in healing sore throat and fever. To reap the benefits of this herb, you are required to consume the white willow tea. For this, take two or three grams of coarsely powdered or finely chopped white willow bark. Add this to the cold water and then heat for five minutes. Then strain the solution. A cup of this herbal tea must be consumed for three to four times in a day.[6]

White Willow