6 Amazing Home Remedies For Managing Burning Mouth Syndrome


A person suffering from the burning mouth syndrome experiences severe agony and discomfort. The person who is suffering from this problem notices recurrent or chronic burning sensation in the mouth. It is frustrating and uncomfortable. This issue can develop slowly or appear suddenly. The burning sensation can affect your gums, inside of the cheeks, lips, the roof of the mouth, and tongue. It can be severe, as the sufferer scalded his/her mouth. This pain may continue for 2 weeks or more than two weeks. People who use dentures often experience this problem. Feeling difficulty in eating and falling sleep, anxiety and depression are the main complications of the burning mouth syndrome.

The symptoms of this issue are the loss of taste, dry mouth along with increased thirst, and experiencing the changes in the taste such as metallic or bitter taste etc. Consult your dentist immediately if the pain continues. You can also reduce the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome with some effective home remedies.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Home Remedies For Managing Burning Mouth Syndrome:

1. Diet Change

Changing the diet is the simple but effective home remedy for reducing the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome. Avoid those foods that contain mint or cinnamon. You should also avoid carbonated beverages and spicy hot foods. Prefer to keep the acidic liquids and foods such as orange juice, tomatoes, coffee, and soft drinks. These amazing diet changes prove beneficial in reducing the chronic mouth pain.[1]

Orange Juice

2. Ice Cubes

Burning mouth syndrome can be effectively reduced by sucking ice cubes. This cold remedy reduces the discomfort associated with burning mouth syndrome. The severity of the pain will be greatly reduced by sucking ice cubes.[2]


3. Honey

The application of the honey on the affected area is another great remedy for gaining relief from the burning mouth syndrome. Take some honey and apply inside your mouth. Wait for some time and then rinse your mouth with water. Follow this technique for two times in a day. Honey is very effective in providing you relief from mucositis as well.[3]


4. Lemon And Glycerin Mouth Wash

Lemon juice, when mixed with glycerin, works wonder in diminishing the pain of burning mouth syndrome. Take the equal amounts of these two ingredients and make a mouth wash. As soon as you notice the discomfort associated with burning mouth syndrome, rinse your mouth with this mouthwash.


5. Vitamin E

The healing properties of vitamin E capsule are really considerable. Cut and squeeze the 1,000 mg of vitamin E capsule on the burned area. This remedy is particularly very effective in offering you respite from the burning mouth syndrome. Vitamin E is very helpful in healing burned skin. It generates the healthy new skin cells. Thus, it speeds up the healing process.[5]


6. Toothpaste

Toothpaste also plays an important role in keeping the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome at bay. You should select the flavor free and mild toothpaste. Hence, prefer to purchase the toothpaste which do not contain cinnamon and mint.[6]


Besides following the above-mentioned home remedies, a person with burning mouth syndrome should also consider some lifestyle changes. The sufferers should consume a lot of water on a regular basis to reduce the dryness with increased thirst in the mouth. Avoid using tobacco products since they can worsen the condition. Try to reduce stress by practicing some relaxation exercises like yoga. These simple lifestyle changes prevent the uneasiness associated with burning mouth syndrome from getting worse.