6 Amazing Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow

Do you feel hard to perform the straight forward tasks such as opening entryway or shaking hands? Do you experience severe elbow pain? Then, you might be suffering from tennis elbow. It is a condition usually occurs due to the repeated wrist or arm movements. A person with tennis elbow experiences a lot of pain around the elbow’s outer part. Fortunately, there are very effective home remedies for this condition.

Here Are 6 Amazing Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow:

1. Omega 3

Omega 3 is one of the important fatty acids. It consists of numerous wellness and health properties. Reducing the irritation and pain especially in joints like elbow is one of such health benefit you can gain through the consumption of omega 3. Therefore, always try to include omega 3 in your regular diet chart. Fishes like salmon or tune are high in omega 3 fatty acids. [1]Plan your daily diet chart including these fishes so that you can gain relief from tennis elbow.


2. Massage

Massaging has greater number of health benefits. One of those health benefits is gaining relief from tennis elbow. You can self massage the area in which you experience the pain most. Massage on painful areas with the help of your thumb. [2]Gently massage for few minutes on the forth and back of the elbow. Massaging would definitely have a relaxing effect on you.


3. Ginger

Ginger works greatly in giving you relaxation from tennis elbow. To reap the benefits of ginger, just consume a ginger tea. Drink ginger tea for three times a day. Potential anti- inflammatory properties of ginger work effectively in alleviating the inflammation and pain caused due to the tennis elbow. [3]You can also apply ginger poultice to get rid of the symptoms of tennis elbow.


4. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is highly known to be beneficial in reducing the inflammation. Therefore this amazing oil can be considered as a super home remedy to get rid of tennis elbow. Gently massage the injured arm with the help of avocado oil. [4]Keep massaging the affected area with this oil at regular intervals. You will be surprised with the wonderful relief that avocado oil offers you.


5. Calendula Oil

If the symptoms of tennis elbow deteriorate, then calendula oil comes to your rescue. All you have to do is to just take few calendula oil drops and massage your injured arm. Doing so, you can notice lessening the pain. Just massage your effected area with this oil only for two times a day. [5]This works as a fantastic pain alleviation method for the people with tennis elbow.

Calendula Oil

6. Potato Pack

Potato is one of the natural home remedies that work effectively in reducing the pains and inflammation of tennis elbow. For this, you need to place a baked or boiled potato in a cloth and put that cloth on your hurting elbow. Undoubtedly, this works as an extraordinary method in lessening your pain and swelling.[6]