6 Amazing Vitamins For Managing Dermatitis

Dermatitis occurs as rash or an inflammation of the skin. A variety of substances which irritate the skin can cause contact or allergic dermatitis. Anxiety and stress can result in both causing dermatitis and exacerbating the issue. Certain shampoos, moisturizers, cosmetics, household cleaners and chemicals, detergents, and some plants like nettles and poison ivy can cause dermatitis. Certain prescribed antibiotics and drugs can also result in the issue of dermatitis. Sensitivity to the sunlight can cause the rash in few people. Metals like silver, nickel, and gold are also found to result in skin irritation. Whatever the irritant be, the extended exposure to it will only worsen the condition. However, the problem of dermatitis can be well managed and controlled with the help of some amazing vitamins.

Today, let us discuss few of the amazing vitamins for managing dermatitis in this article.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is highly effective in controlling dermatitis. The diet rich in vitamin A is highly suggested to those people with dermatitis. Similarly, topical application of vitamin A is also very beneficial in handling dermatitis. Vitamin A is extremely helpful in reducing the cells thickening[1]. By doing so, this vitamin attacks the roots problems of dermatitis. Especially, the children with dermatitis get a lot of benefit from the vitamin A.

Vitamin A

2. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 plays an important role in controlling the discomfort associated with dermatitis. In fact, the deficiency of vitamin B3 deteriorates the condition of dermatitis. Similarly, the deficiency of this vitamin leads to pellagra which is a condition characterized by dermatitis[2]. Therefore, consume vitamin B3 rich foods like milk, tomatoes, whole wheat, cauliflower, chicken and cabbage etc for managing dermatitis.

Vitamin B3
3. Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is very effective in reducing the risk of dermatitis in the first place. Poor levels of vitamin B2 in the body lead to dermatitis. Milk, eggs and fortified cereals are rich in riboflavin[3 ]. Those suffering from the uneasiness connected with dermatitis are recommended to consume these foods a lot.

Vitamin B2

4. Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 is highly helpful in alleviating the inflammation and rashes that occurred due to dermatitis. In fact, this vitamin is essential for those people with allergic dermatitis. The shortage of this vitamin B6 results in dermatitis, irritability, mood swings and convulsions. Make sure that your diet includes sufficient amounts of vitamin b6 on the weekly basis[4]. And also remember the deficiency of this vitamin can be caused due to the frequent alcohol consumption, poor diet, high protein diet (it enhances the necessity of vitamin b6) and cirrhosis of the liver, mal absorption syndromes and prescription drugs like anti-tuberculosis, penicillamine, and anti-convulsants.

Vitamin B6

5. Vitamin D

Another vitamin that is required for managing dermatitis is vitamin D. Vitamin D is nowadays recognized as an immune modulator. The insufficient amounts of this vitamin in the body can lead to asthma, atopic dermatitis, and allergic diseases. See that you include vitamin D rich foods on the regular basis for keeping its deficiency at bay[5]. Also, remember that the deficiency of this vitamin is also connected to the enhanced rate of the infections in general, mainly respiratory viral among children.

Vitamin D
6. Vitamin E

Another vitamin that plays a key role in managing dermatitis is vitamin E. This vitamin has gained a lot of popularity for its amazing antioxidant action. This vitamin acts as a scavenger of the free radicals. It is also packed with anti-inflammatory properties because of which a wide range of dermatological conditions have been reported of benefitting from the supplements of vitamin E[6 ]. The anti-inflammatory actions of the vitamin E are very beneficial in healing atopic dermatitis.

Vitamin E