6 Amazing Yoga Postures For Sound And Proper Sleep!

It is very aptly said that practicing yoga during the early morning fills your entire body with a lot of energy and keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated all day long. But many of us are not aware of this fact that yoga during the night time and that too after taking dinner goes a long way in offering you a sound sleep besides superbly comforting your mind and body at large. These days, due to the enormous stress prevailing conditions in the environment along with the hectic work schedule, we may feel a lot of trouble in getting an uninterrupted and qualitative sleep. Many a time, people take the aid of sleeping pills to get a proper sleep but they may offer an avers impact on your health.

So, today we will get to know about some amazing Yoga postures, practicing which goes a long way in offering you a good night sleep. Do make a trial of all the below enlisted Yoga postures before going to the bed for at least a week and then see how it will form a crucial part of your bedtime routine that commendably boosts the refreshment in your body besides offering you a sound good night sleep.

Emphasized below are 6 amazing Yoga postures that offers you a sound sleep. Let’ discuss them all in detail, one-by-one:

1. Leg Up The Wall Pose:

For practicing this particular yoga posture, what you are required to do is to just sit comfortably ahead of a wall while placing the upper front of your body just a little farther from it. Next,lay down on the support of your back and then place your legs against the wall, while taking a support from the wall. Ensure one thing that your legs are protracted up the wall in a straight manner. Alongside, adjust the posture of your body in such a manner that your posture doesn’t put a stress on your legs as well as back. Now, hold this position for a while and then commendably take the long breaths. Recurrent practicing of this Yoga posture will offers a soothing effect to your legs and back and will surely offer you a sound goodnight sleep.

Leg Up The Wall Pose

2. Butterfly Pose:

This one is the most superlative yoga pose that commendably aids in getting rid of tiredness that has emerged as an outcome of standing for longer duration’s or due to walking at a stretch for long hours. This Yoga pose considerably offers stretching benefit to your knees, inner thighs and groin. To practice this yoga pose, just make a lotus posture by significantly bringing your both feet near the pelvis, just by bending your knees in such a manner that the bottom of the feet touches each other. Next, clutch your both feet with your both hands and initiate taking deep-breaths. While breathing out, just touch your knees and thighs to the ground. Then, fold both of your legs in the downward as well as upward movement. Alongside, do take deep breaths and try to practice this yoga posture for at least 5 minutes, so as to get a sound goodnight sleep.

Butterfly Pose

3. Wind Releasing Pose:

This is another most prominent yoga pose that commendably aids in drifting a sound and proper sleep. To practice this pose, just lay down flat with your ankles in crisscross way and knees bent significantly. Next, take a grasp of your right knee with the help of your arms and then try to bring it adjacent to your chest, so that it will commendably suppress your abdomen with the support of the right hand side thigh. Then, raise your head and attempt to touch your right hand side knee with the chin. Remain in this posture for a while and then take inhale and exhale for a while. Then take a break and repeat the similar posture for the left hand side as well. Just practice this pose your at least 4-5 minutes to get an uninterrupted sleep.

Wind Releasing Pose

4. Night Time Goddess Stretch Pose:

For practicing this yoga pose, you are required to lay down on the support of your back while placing your arms alongside but at a distance from your body in a relaxed way. Alongside, just bend your knees in such a way that the soles of your both feet touches each other stiffly. Next, try to open your knees while making the hips quite comfortable while laid on the ground , such that it tends to form a diamond shape. Just remain in this pose for 5-6 minutes and gaze in the upward direction, so as to get a sound sleep.

Night Time Goddess Stretch Pose

5. Child Pose:

For practicing this Yoga pose, just sit down comfortably on the support of your heels and then bend ahead from the position of your hip, in such a manner that your forehead touches the bas of the ground. Next, try to thrust your chest adjoining to your thighs and then stretch bot of your arms in a straight position leaning forward alongside resting your palms on the ground. Remain in this pose for about a minute or so and so take deep –breathing alongside. For getting a sound goodnight sleep, try to practice this yoga pose for about 5-6 minutes in a considerable manner.

Child Pose

6. Corpse Pose:

This is another most relaxing yoga posture practicing which in a recurrent manner goes a long way in revitalizing your whole body after a long hectic work schedule. For practicing this yoga pose, just lay down on the ground or a flat surface while placing your arms alongside and palms in the upward direction. Alongside stretch your both legs fully and place the hip and the feet at a distance. Next, shut your eyes and take deep-breathing while focusing your mind on the movement of the breaths. Try to stay in this position for about 10-15 minutes, to get an un-interrupted sleep.

Corpse Pose

This is all about the 6 amazing Yoga Poses that will goes a long way in offering you a sound goodnight seep in the most commendable manner.