6 Astounding Natural Home Remedies For Ascites!

The term ‘Ascites is usually derived from the Greek word Ascites that means a bag-like structure. However, in terms of Medical terminology, Ascites is a precisely categorized as a Gastroenterology Terminology that dictates the sound build up of molten material in the peritoneal cavity or more precisely in the stomach. The root cause of this health impairment as analyzed after a sound research is the improper functioning of the liver or liver cirrhosis.

Once analyzed it needs to be tackled well on time, this severe liver impairment can lead to various other critical ailments like Colon Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Liver Cancer or even Pancreatic Cancer at large. Nevertheless, you need to consult your Medical practitioner from getting away or combating with this liver disorder. But there are still some natural home remedies by following which you can easily combat with this liver disorder in an appropriate way.

Highlighted below are the 6 natural home remedies for Ascites. Let’s discuss them in brief, one-by-one:

1. Consumption Of Onions

Usually urination is categorized as one of the most potent and effective ways to free-up your body from all the toxins and irrelevant waste prevailing in our body. In a similar context, to combat with Ascites, you are highly recommended to intake onions along with lime juice that plays a vital role in extracting all the toxic fluid present in your body.[1] Alongside, it aids in equalizing your body temperature and easing up the process of metabolism or digestion.


2. Intake Of Beans

We aim for a protein rich diet for a making of our body energized and active and more precisely the synthesis of protein rich diet is done with the sound assistance and proper functioning of the liver. If however your liver gets infected with ascites, then it fails to eradicate all the toxins and hence no synthesis of protein rich diet. It is in this context that it is highly recommended that one should maximize the intake of beans that not only aids in combating with ascites but will also keep your liver healthy[2]. For this, you are just required to boil half a cup of beans in water along with a pinch of salt and then let it boil for about 40-4 5minutes on the high flame, followed by adding some fresh garlic cloves and half an onion in it and then in taking it as a part of your diet regime.


3. Consumption Of Fenugreek Seeds


Enormously rich in fibrous content, consumption of fenugreek seeds not only eases the process of digestion but will also assists in depreciating the inflammation of the abdominal region that has resulted because of the molten material filled into your liver. For this, just immerse half a cup of fenugreek seeds in a wide container and fill it with water up to the brim of the container[3] Keep it overnight and then in the early morning, strain the seeds and have it as a first drink on your empty stomach for successively combating with ascites at large.

Fenugreek Seeds

4. Intake Of Coconut water

This potassium rich healthy drink not only eases the process of digestion but also commendably aids in cleansing your blood alongside giving a rejuvenating effect to your inflamed liver. Since, it is a known fact that a sufferer of ascites, is recommended to put a check on the drinking of water and hence you can replace the water consumption with coconut water which not only stabilizes your body temperature but will also maintain the well -proportionate level of salt in your body. Besides this, it calls for frequent urination that considerably removes all the toxins present in your body at large.[4] For this, it is highly recommended that you should aim for drinking at least 1-2 glasses of coconut water on a routine basis.

5. Aim For Garlic Cloves Extract

Rich in anti-oxidative properties, Garlic Cloves is such an amazing ingredient that not only deep-cleanses your body and remove all the toxins from it but at the same time its sound consumption will balances the Blood Pressure levels in your body besides making the process of digestion much smoother at large.[5] So, it is highly recommended to enhance the consumption of garlic in your diet or alternatively, roast some raw-garlic cloves on the flat pan and then have it empty stomach as a first thing in the morning or you can also aim for an amalgamated extract of fresh garlic cloves along with a teaspoon of honey for a healthier liver besides successfully combating with ascites in a significant manner.

Garlic Cloves

6. Intake Of Camel Milk

This may sound a bit strange home remedy but believe it is a tried and tested solution to keep ascites at bay. Intake of camel milk offers a list of incredible benefits for your body, which includes easing the process of digestion, removing toxins from your body, maintain an appropriate sugar level in your body along with keeping your body hydrated for long hours.[6] For this, it is highly recommended that one should aim for drinking camel milk at least 2 times a day and that too on an empty stomach.

So, follow the above enlisted home remedies for keeping Ascites at bay!