6 Best Home Remedies For Wet Dandruff


Contrary to popular belief, people with dry scalp are not the only ones concerned about dandruff problem. Dandruff is also associated with oily scalp. The condition, also known as wet dandruff or oily dandruff, worsens when the oily hair is not washed frequently. The yeasts feed on the sebum and multiply rapidly. They irritate the scalp, thereby inducing rapid shedding of the scalp skin. The dead skin combines with the scalp oil and sticks to the surface of the scalp.

Wet or greasy dandruff, unlike dry dandruff, causes little flaking. While washing the hair helps in reducing the greasiness of the scalp, but daily washing, by stripping the natural oil from the scalp, tends to exacerbate sebum secretion. Therefore, remedies that help in reducing excess oil production and suppressing fungal overgrowth on the scalp are considered most effective in alleviating greasy dandruff.

Here Are The 6 Best Home Remedies For Wet Dandruff:

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent remedy for oily scalp and dandruff associated with it. To reduce the oiliness of the scalp and greasy dandruff, dilute white vinegar, malt vinegar or apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water and spray it on your scalp. Leave it on your scalp to dry. For best result, repeat the vinegar remedy for three days in a row. Apart from clearing dandruff, vinegar also helps in reducing the scalp itching.[1]

apple cider vinegar


2. Baking Soda

To get rid of the greasy dandruff, rub baking soda on your scalp. Baking soda absorbs the excess oil from the scalp, provides relief from scalp itching and inhibits fungal overgrowth. Wet your hair. Take one to two tablespoons of baking soda and rub it on your scalp. Thoroughly rinse your hair.[2]

Baking Soda (3)

3. Lime Juice

Lime juice is another effective remedy for oily dandruff. It helps in making the scalp less greasy and sticky. The astringent effect of lime juice helps in reducing excess oil secretion. Furthermore, lime juice helps in suppressing yeast overgrowth. To get rid of greasy dandruff, apply lime juice diluted with little water to the scalp. You can even apply a paste made by combining lime juice with fuller’s earth to the scalp. Weekly application of the paste helps in clearing wet dandruff.[3]


4. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known for their anti-dandruff property. They are especially effective in removing oily dandruff. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in hot water. In the morning, grind the fenugreek seeds with some water until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your scalp. Leave it on at least for 30 minutes. Rinse off and wash your hair with soapnut or mild shampoo. Apply the fenugreek seed paste at least twice a week for better result.[4]

Fenugreek Seeds

5. Salt

Massaging the scalp with saline solution helps in alleviating wet dandruff. Salt helps in reducing excess greasiness of the scalp. Furthermore, its antiseptic property helps in inhibiting overgrowth of yeasts associated with dandruff on the scalp. Dissolve three tablespoons of salt in a cup of warm water. Apply the saltwater to your scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water.[5]


6. Egg White

Egg white works wonder for the oily hair and helps in removing dandruff. Beat an egg white. Add the juice of half a lime and mix well. Apply the egg white and lime juice mixture to the scalp. Leave it on the scalp until it dries out. Rinse and wash your hair with mild shampoo. For better result, use egg white once a week.[6]

Egg White