6 Best Home Remedies To Stop Sneezing


Sneezing is a natural mechanism of the body to eliminate irritants from the nose. Although it helps in getting rid of allergens and germs that enter your nostrils, constant sneezing causes embarrassment and is distressful. Persistent sneezing is usually associated with cold and allergy. Luckily, there are a number of effective home remedies that help in providing relief from the sneezing bouts. If you sneeze frequently, try the following home remedies made with common kitchen ingredients. They are safe and therefore you can use them without worrying about adverse side effects.

Below Are The 6 Home Remedies To Stop Sneezing:

1. Fennel Tea

Apart from helping in enhancing the flavor of your foods, fennel seeds can help in providing relief from persistent sneezing.[1] Bring a cup of water to a boil and add two tablespoons of fennel seeds. Simmer until the liquid is reduced to half. Strain and take a tablespoon of infusion twice a day until the bouts of sneezing subside.

fennel tea

2. Orange Juice

Persistent sneezing is a common symptom of allergy.[2] Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, which acts as a natural antihistamine. By inhibiting histamine production, it helps in providing relief from the allergic reaction and stops sneezing. Drink a glass of orange juice daily to fight the allergic reaction that triggers sneezing.

orange juice

3. Coriander Leaves

Sniffing fresh coriander leaves can help in reducing persistent sneezing.[3] You can even extract the juice of coriander and put a drop or two in each nostril. However, if you are sensitive to the coriander nasal drop, only smell the fresh coriander leaves to stop sneezing.


4. Anise And Parsley

To stop persistent sneezing, apply natural nasal drop prepared by combining anise seeds and parsley.[4] Prepare a decoction by boiling anise seeds and parsley in water for several minutes. Strain the liquid and put one drop in each nostril. This home remedy seems to help in providing relief from persistent sneezing.


5. Basil Juice

Basil is known for its antihistamine property that helps in stopping persistent sneezing triggered by allergic reaction. To reduce sneezing, put a drop of basil juice in each nostril.[5] You can also drink basil juice to strengthen your respiratory system and reduce histamine production.


6. Ginger Tea

Sip warm ginger tea when persistent sneezing is associated with runny nose or nasal congestion. It helps in eliminating the excess phlegm from the body and kills the common cold viruses.[6] You can drink several cups of ginger tea per day till the sneezing subsides.

Ginger Tea