6 Brilliant Exercises For Shoulder Bursitis

6 Brilliant Exercises For Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulders play a crucial role in your daily movements by helping you balance your body in several positions, such as standing, reclining, and sitting. Shoulder joint is one of the joints in your body that experience maximum range of motion. When you lift heavy things or weights, it subjects your shoulder to immense pressure that may cause an injury. Also, incorrect posture, excess of workout, sports, and other over exertion activities can cause shoulder injury called shoulder bursitis. So, you need to perform exercises to minimize the discomfort resulting due to the bursitis and concentrate on your shoulder rehabilitation. So, let’s have a look at regular exercises that offer you a great relief from shoulder concerns and boost its mobility and strength.

Find Below Six Effective Exercises To Promote Healing Of Shoulder Bursitis:

1. Flex With Exercise Ball:

Lie down on your back on the floor and bend your knees by maintain your feet flat touching the floor. Hold an exercise ball in your hand, raise your arms straight upwards so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Make sure your shoulders touch the floor while doing this exercise. Now, hold the ball in both your hands, move both your arms above your head till they touch the floor above your head. Slowly, get back to the initial position. Perform this exercise in ten repetitions.

 Flex With Exercise Ball

2. Slide On The Ground:

Lie down on the floor on your back, by maintaining your feet flat on the floor. Spread your arms on your sides by stretching them. Now, bend in your elbows making them perpendicular to the floor with your fingers pointing the sky. Make sure your shoulders are touching the floor. Now, slide your arms and stretch them completely above your head. Get back to the initial positions slowly. Perform this exercise ten times every day.

Slide On The Ground

3. Crossover Arm Stretch:

Stand upright by placing your arms on your sides. Now, pull your right arm across your chest such that you should feel the stretch in the back of your shoulders. Make sure you do not put pressure on your elbow. Be in this position for half a minute and relax. Repeat the stretch with your left arm.

Crossover Arm Stretch

4. Moving On Your Hands:

First, stand upright and bend downwards in your waist getting into a push-up position. Make sure you maintain your back erect. You can use your toes and palms for support. Move ahead by using your toes in the direction of your hands ensuring that your knees do not bend. Keep your stomach tight. When you feel the stretch, then begin walking in the backward direction on your hands. Perform this exercise ten times every day to alleviate the discomfort due to bursitis.

 Moving On Your Hands

5. Shrugs:

Maintain small distance between your feet and stand straight upright. Bend in your knees a bit. Now, hold dumbbells in your both the hands and maintain your arms by your sides. Move your shoulders up and then slowly bring them down. Make sure you do not roll your shoulders. Perform this exercise ten times regularly.


6. Standing Military Press:

First, stand upright, by maintaining some distance between your feet. Hold dumbbells in your arms and lift your forearms up by bending in the elbows. Make sure your palms face the forward direction and maintain your dumbbells near your shoulders. Now, lift the dumbbells up by completely stretching both your hands. Do not bend your back, keep it straight. You need bend your arms while performing this exercise. Perform it ten times every day.

Standing Military Press

Following these exercises for a few weeks help build strength and stability in your shoulder and heal the shoulder bursitis effectively.