6 Effective Herbal Remedies To Combat Hangover

6 Effective Herbal Remedies To Combat Hangover

Hangover is a combination of symptoms and signs which a person experiences after consuming an excessive amount of alcohol during the previous night. A sufferer can experience an extreme headache, sleepiness, and thirsty. They also experience the unpleasant psychological effects such as severe anxiety, shame, depression and embarrassment etc. Excessive consumption of the alcohol leads to the dehydration. Hence, the sufferer needs to intake the adequate amounts of water and fluids. In addition to this simple technique, there are some effective herbal remedies which combat the hangover very effectively. In this article, we are going to share some amazing and effective herbal remedies for reducing the symptoms of the hangover.

1. White Willow Bark:

This is one of the amazing herbs that come to your rescue to get rid of the symptoms of the hangover. The effects of this powerful herb are similar to aspirin. Some researchers say that the white willow bark works faster than aspirin in chasing away the hangover. All you have to do is to just place some drops of the extract in a glassful of water and consume that mixture.[1]

White Willow Bark

2. Cinchona:

Quinine in cinchona is considered as a powerful anti-hangover agent. This herbal remedy is mostly popular in China. According to some researchers, this herb is effective in offering you added benefit in keeping the symptoms of hangover at bay. Cinchona is one of the most favorite herbs of bartenders as well.[2]


3. Angostura:

This is another herb that works wonder in reducing the symptoms of the hangover and offering you respite from it. Angostura is one of the bitter herbs. Consume the anti-hangover tea made up of angostura. Take a cup of boiling water and add some angostura drops in it. You can reduce the bitterness of this tea by adding either tamarind or roselle. These tasty herbs are also reputed to aid in banishing hangover.[3]


4. Kudzu Root:

Kudzu root is an amazing herb with lots of health properties. It is highly capable of keeping the symptoms and signs of the hangover as well. Use Kudzu cream or kudzu root tea by adding some shoyu and salt plum. Take half to one cup instead of your next meal. You have to repeat this process for every four to five hours, if necessary. You can also make use of kudzu noodles as well to gain relief from the horrible symptoms of the hangover. When you are suffering from alcoholic poisoning due to the extreme consumption of alcohol, make a decoction from four grams of kudzu. You have to consume half cup of this decoction only once in a day.[4]

 Kudzu Root

5. Prickly Pear Extract:

Prickly pear is highly known to be beneficial in relieving the symptoms associated with excess consumption of alcohol. It even combats nausea and dry mouth as well which are the symptoms of the hangover. In fact, the juice of the prickly pear is a part of numerous prevention formulas of the hangover. It is believed that the usage of prickly pear extract two hours before consuming the alcohol keeps the hangover at bay for three days.[5]

Prickly Pear Extract

6. Ginkgo Biloba:

This herb is highly beneficial in dealing with the hangover. People in Japan serve the seeds of this powerful herb at cocktail parties to keep hangover and drunkenness at bay. Scientific studies also believe that ginkgo seeds are really effective in reducing the symptoms of the hangover. An enzyme in this herb speeds up the body’s metabolism of alcohol. In a study, the researchers offered the laboratory animals enough alcohol to consume. The animals were also given the seeds of this herb in advance, with which the animals were better able to clear the alcohol from the blood.[6]

Ginkgo Biloba