6 Effective Home Remedies For Dry Mouth

Dry mouth also known as Xerostomia is an uneasy problems for all of us. It occurs when something lowers the production of saliva and the mouth starts feeling dry. The problem may arise due to irritation of gums, yeast infection, radiation therapy, lack of moisture in the mouth and cigarette smoking. Either give up to what is causing dry mouth or seek a remedy. Well, I prefer the former one but many a times, we never come to know about its cause and eventually land up to dry mouth. Don’t worry, in that situation, you can use the remedies given below and prevent dry mouth.

6 Effective Home Rremedies In Preventing The Dry Mouth:

1. Water:

Most of the time, dry mouth is caused by dehydration which has the simplest remedy – water. When you don’t drink enough water or fluid, the mouth becomes dry along with the body. As per the research, one should be drinking at least 10-15 glasses of water every day. For men, it is about 3 liters every day while for women, it is 2.2 liters every day. However, dehydration is the reason behind dry mouth but it is not the only reason so always bear in mind that you have to take care of other factors as well but make sure that you drink the average amount of fluid or water every day. Sipping water everyday will keep the bad breath away, tongue clean and the saliva running.[1]


2. Wash With Alcohol-Free Mouthwash:

Well, this is what we often overlook. Mouthwashes that contain some amount of alcohol may have adverse effect on the moisture level of our mouth. Most of us, when purchase a mouthwash do not pay attention to the content and just go with the brand or color. Well, the alcohol causes an abrasive sensation on the mouth and also plays with the moisture level of our mouth. If you want to avoid such problem, then better if you check the content and wash mouth with an alcohol free mouthwash.[2]

Wash With Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

3. Take Steam:

This is another very important remedy in preventing the dry mouth. In the similar manner as steam causes sweating, it also helps in producing saliva inside the mouth. This way it is beneficial in preventing dry mouth. When steam enters our mouth, it opens up the airways and the decongested nasal passage. When it opens, the mouth becomes damp and then the normal production of saliva starts. Taking steam continuously for some time shorten the recovery tenure and provides the oral care.[3]

Take Steam

4. Suck Sugar-Free Candies:

Well, sugar free candies are another solution for preventing dry mouth. Especially mint candies have the potential to stimulate the saliva in the mouth and relieve the symptoms for some time. You might be wanting permanent relief but believe me relief for some time is enough to tackle the situation and provide relief for long time. Also, as these are sugar free candies, you won’t have any problem regarding wrinkles.[4]

Suck Sugar-Free Candies

5. Do Not Forget To Floss Daily:

This is that one thing that can play a huge role in solving the dry mouth problem. Flossing daily is beneficial to everyone. Not only it prevents the dry mouth but also helps in keeping the bad odor away. It cleans your teeth and is the utmost requirement after you have finished your meal. So floss your mouth daily and take care of your oral health. This will definitely provide a great help in keeping the saliva running.[5]

Do Not Forget To Floss Daily

6. Breathe Through Your Nose:

Some people have the habit of breathing through mouth rather than nose. Well, this may lead to dry mouth and eventually trigger the problem. What generally happens is when we breathe through mouth, the air that enters dries the saliva and the mouth. Also, it may lead to certain other problems due to the entrance of germs inside. So give up to this habit and stay away from dry mouth. Also, if you still see this problem, then better if you see a doctor immediately.[6]