6 Effective Home Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia can be referred to as a common sleeping disorder. People suffering from insomnia undergo the inability to get adequate sleep or good quality of sleep. As a result, their daily activities are interfered with this sleeping disorder. It is one of the common problems that are experienced in old-age. However, due to changes in lifestyle, all age groups are experiencing this problem. Also, this symptom is associated with many psychological and medical issues. Depression, heart disease, asthma and kidney failure are few medical conditions which may contribute for insomnia. While diagnosing insomnia, your medical history and age is taken into consideration for suggesting proper medication.

Here Are The Home Remedies For Insomnia Which Highly Help You To Get Rid Of The Problem:

1. Drinking Warm Milk

Persons suffering with insomnia experience difficulty in falling asleep and as a result their daily activities are interfered with this sleeping disorder. Milk comes to your rescue in handling this situation.[1] Milk is one of the effective home remedies for keeping this problem at bay. Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed can be highly effective is inducing sleep. Milk works as a good remedy for insomnia provided that the person is not suffering from either phlegm or dampness.


2. Honey

Honey is loaded with therapeutic properties and is in use since ages for treating various health problems.[2] It is a natural sleep inducer. Honey is one of the effective home remedies for handling insomnia very well. Honey should be taken along with water before bed time. Take a cup of water and add two teaspoons of honey for getting a sound sleep.


3. Cinnamon

Are you facing difficulty in falling asleep? Do not worry cinnamon comes to your rescue. Cinnamon is rich in therapeutic properties.[3] Cinnamon when mixed with milk works as a sleep inducer and handles the problem of insomnia very easily. Take a cup of hot milk and put the cinnamon stick into the milk. Gently stir with the cinnamon stick. Add a half teaspoon of honey.


4. Oats

Oats are considered as an effective way to handle insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia and facing difficulty in falling asleep, you need to consider oats remedy.[4] Oats are highly effective in helping you from insomnia. Consider taking oat cereals for breakfast. This remedy helps you sleep better.


5. Curd

Curd is one of the effective home remedies in dealing with insomnia. Its contribution is valuable in handling insomnia symptoms.[5] Besides eating it, take some curd and rub it on your forehead. Wash off after sometime. This process gives relief from insomnia. You fall asleep very easily.


6. Cumin Seeds

Cumin has an important role in relieving you from insomnia. It is a natural sleep-inducer. It is in use since ages for handling various health ailments.[6] For easing the symptoms of insomnia, take a teaspoon of roasted cumin powder and mix it with mashed banana. Have this preparation before going to bed. This process works well in handling insomnia.

Cumin Seeds

These are various home remedies that help to ease the symptoms of insomnia and assure you with good quality of sleep. However, if you still face difficulty in falling asleep after trying these home remedies, consult your doctor immediately. As we discussed earlier, insomnia is also associated with various medical conditions and those conditions may need immediate medical attention.