6 Fantastic Home Remedies To Control Blood Pressure

6 Fantastic Home Remedies To Control Blood Pressure

BP is an acronym for Blood Pressure and is defined as the pressure exerted by the heart while it pumps blood to the other parts of the body. High Blood Pressure, which is also termed as’ Hypertension ‘ is often considered as a silent killer that has found to affect about 80-90% of world’s population and can pose a serious threat to your heart. Whenever you pay a visit to your doctor, you might came across two specifications or numbers of Blood Pressure. One of them is termed as Systolic and the other one is termed as Diastolic.

Systolic Blood Pressure may be categorized as the unit of High Blood pressure and is defined as the pressure exerted by the blood vessels on the arteries when your heart is pounding actively. This random discharge of blood into the arteries tends to hike the pressure inside the arteries and that highest value recorded during the vigorous contraction of your heart is referred to as Systolic pressure. A human being with a systolic pressure of 120 mmHg is said to have a controlled or normal BP. That means any value higher than the specified range is
termed as High BP.

In a similar context, Diastolic Blood Pressure may be defined as the pressure exerted within the arteries amid the beating of heart, when your heart is in relax mode and is not at all actively discharging blood into the arteries. A human being with a diastolic pressure of 80 mmHg is said to have a controlled or normal BP. That means any value lower than specified range is termed as Low BP.

Some of the prime symptoms that can be easily visualized in an individual with High/Low BP problems includes strokes, vision impairment, restlessness, heaviness on heart, breathing problems, obesity, headaches ,bleeding from nose, dizziness, depression ,feeling thirsty and many more. Once you experience any of these symptoms, don’t take it lightly and do pay a visit to your medical practioner because negligence on your part on this issue tends to pose a serious threat for your heart or it can even prove fatal.

Along With Referring Your Doctor, Do Follow The Below Mentioned 6 Fantastic Home Remedies To Control Bp At Large:

1. Exercise And Morning Walk:

Excercise and Morning Walk is a most optimum solution to balance your BP [1]. One of the primary reason for Blood Pressure is our sedentary life style. In today’s fast paced life, we have become so bound to our jobs, that we hardly pay any attention to our health, which thus tends to affect our eating and sleeping patterns and many more. The result is excessive weight gain and obesity, which is the root cause of various cardiovascular disorders. Thus, what is required greatly at this point is your passion for exercise as well as morning walk that will eventually help to get back your BP in right direction. Make it a habit, to do exercise and early morning walk for at least 30-45 minutes regularly to keep your BP under check.

Exercise And Morning Walk

2. Lower Down The Intake Of Salt In Your Diet:

Salt contains a chemical compound Sodium whose higher intake tends to imbalance your Blood pressure, by retaining fluids in your body [2]. Now, in order to flush off the excessive fluids present in your body, your heart makes a forceful activity of pumping harder, which ultimately results in High BP. Not only this, but it then pose a higher pressure to your heart ,kidneys, arteries and brain ,ultimately resulting in heart strokes, kidney failure and much more. So, it is advisable to keep a check on the sound proportion of salt in your diet.

 Lower Down The Intake Of Salt In Your Diet

3. Follow Deep Breathing Exercises, Meditation And Yoga:

If you seriously want to keep your BP under check, do practice various Deep Breathing Exercises along with making Yoga and Meditation an essence of your life [3]. If you are a victim of BP, then it is highly suggested that you should simplify your levels of stress, may it be any social, political or personal factor responsible for hiking stress levels in your body. Research has revealed this fact that extensive stress can elevate or disrupt the normal blood pressure, thus making you a victim of heart stroke. But if you keenly follow all these awesome stress busters and mind relaxation remedies, on routine basis it severely helps to trigger a kidney enzyme-Renin that helps to regulate your blood pressure in the long run.

Follow Deep Breathing Exercises, Meditation And Yoga

4. Take A Healthy And Complete Diet:

Besides all the above listed home remedies another most important remedy for controlling BP is eating a Healthy and Complete Diet [4]. This encompasses including a lot of fresh fruits, whole grains and veggies in your daily diet. Keep a cut on processed and junk foods, sweetened beverages like processed juices, ice-creams and sodas. Try to intake at least one gooseberry per day and drink lots and lots of water ,which keeps you hydrated and lower down your High BP.

Take A Healthy And Complete Diet

5. Try To Consume Raw And Fresh Garlic:

An extensive research has revealed that Garlic contains a sulfurous compound known as ‘Allicin’ that is enriched with a lot of medicinal properties and lowering or balancing Blood Pressure is one of them [5]. You can easily get this ingredient in your pantry and try to consume raw and fresh garlic flakes in the range of 1-4 per day and see how this homemade remedy works wonders in controlling BP.

Try To Consume Raw And Fresh Garlic

6. Drink Beetroot Juice :

Beetroot juice is a rich source of nitrate [6]. When you consume beetroot juice, the nutritive nitrate (chemically represented as NO3) gets transformed into Nitrite (chemically represented as NO2) and Nitric oxide (chemically represented as NO). It is this Nitric oxide that is responsible for amplifying blood vessels, which thus helps to lower down your hiked BP.

Drink Beetroot Juice

So we can finally conclude that sudden and drastic changes in your lifestyle patterns are the prime factors responsible for disturbing the normal Blood pressure level. Along with all these, try to elude yourself from consuming alcohol, excess tea and coffee. By following the above listed 6 fantastic homemade remedies you can severely control your BP to the greater extent.