6 Food, You Must Eat To Beat The Summer Heat

6 Food, You Must Eat To Beat The Summer Heat

If you are willing to beat the summer heat then first thing first – you have got to keep hydrated. You can achieve this aim and keep your body in good shape every time even when the others are lethargic. This you can do by consuming the fruits and vegetables that contain high proportion of water. However, instead of trying just any food, you should be choosing the ones that are really high in water content. To help you in this quest, down here are given the 6 different foods with their powers to keep the body active and healthy all summer long.

6 Amazing Foods To Keep You Hydrated In Summer:

1. Cucumber:

The body needs to be hydrated in summer. The reason being the severe heat outside that soaks all the water content of the body and leaves you dehydrated if you don’t drink water for longer time. Among several foods available, you have to pick the ones having highest water content and what can be better than cucumber, the perfect choice of summer. This summer vegetables has more water content than any other solid food. It is perfect to eat in salad or just sliced.

You can also drink cucumber juice to stay hydrated. If want to do some experiment with it, then try to blend it with ice cucumber, mint and non-fat yoghurt. This is the perfect summer soup of cucumber that you can sip either hot or chilled. Owing to its soothing effect, it can also be applied on the skin.


2. Iceberg Lettuce:

According to the health experts, iceberg lettuce contains very good amount of fiber and other nutrients such as vitamin k and folate. As iceberg lettuce comes in many different forms, you must go for the ones having highest amount of lettuce. As it is summer, go for the iceberg lettuce for its being high in water content and follows it the butter head, green leaf and then the romaine. The best option to consume iceberg lettuce is by adding it into salad or use in healthy chicken salad.

Iceberg Lettuce

3. Green Pepper:

Although bell pepper is said to contain the maximum water content of all the pepper varieties but the green pepper always leads the pack. The red and yellow pepper come right after the green pepper with 92% proportion of water. If you compare the green pepper with its siblings in terms of antioxidants, then these all fit in the same category. You can always add in it the pre-dinner or the later night snack whenever you feel carved.

If you want to make it colorful then do add some other ingredients such as cucumber, green pepper, celery and iceberg lettuce and make it a proper summer salad feast.

Green Pepper

4. Celery:

Containing about 95 percent of water content, celery is one very good choice for summer. Few says that it has the negative calories which is not at all true. According to the experts, all the food containing high amount of water have few calories and the same goes for celery as well. Its fiber and the water content helps in keeping hydrated in summer and carb the intense appetite as well.

Bear all smiles because it contains various vitamins such as vitamin a, vitamin c and vitamin k. The high amount of water present in it helps in neutralizing the stomach acid and is also recommended a good solution for acid reflux and heartburn.


5. Watermelon:

Because it looks watery and it is all water from inside, people make it the first choice as salad in summer. Full of water, watermelon is one of the richest source of lycopene – a red-fighting antioxidant which is normally found in red fruits and the vegetables. According to the latest studies, watermelon contain more lycopene than raw tomatoes. You can cut the watermelon into small pieces and place in the refrigerator to chill. Having it chilled keeps the mood refreshing and keeps the water content in proper amount in the body.


6. Radish:

As per the myth, only those fruits and veggies that look watery are good for to keep the summer heat at bay. No, it is not at all true. The root vegetables like radish do not look watery at all but it has about 95.3 percent of water content. It makes a good option to be added in the salad especially in summer. The spicy sweet flavor of radish is filled with the antioxidant such as the catechins that you often find in green tea.

Now that you know how amazing radish is in summer, must slice it up with shredded cabbage, chopped hazelnuts, parsley and sliced snow peas and toss all these ingredients with olive oil, pepper and some lemon juice and here you go with your special summer treat.