6 Foods To Avoid When You Have A Chronic Pain!

Many a times, we came across his adage that “Food provides us resistance against all sorts of pain and discomfort”. But you may be amazed to know that here are certain food items whose consumption can aggravate certain fitness and health impairments including worsening the pain to its next higher level or tending towards inflammation. It precisely occurs because of the pain receptor inspiring compositions present in certain food stuffs.

This implies to the simple fact that consumption of these food stuffs if taken in excessive quantity can adverse your pain, but however if you will consume them in moderate limits, then it cant harm you at all. Highlighted below are the 6 prominent foods that one should avoid during excessive chronic pain. Let’s take a brief in sight on them one-by-one:

1. Dairy Product:

Studies have revealed this fact that the consumption of certain dairy products goes a long way in hiking your chronic pain in an incredible manner. More precisely to say, dairy products usually contains casein- a potent protein, which can surely intensify the chronic or painful conditions, thus resulting in inflammation. Alongside, dairy products are the prominent source of lactose, which is hard to digest by most of the people. That is the main reason why majority of individuals who are either targeted by Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, tends to aggravate in the level of pain by consuming dairy products at large. A recent study has also revealed this fact that consumption of dairy products in case of arthritis pain can worsen it more terribly.

Dairy Product

2. Junk And Deep-Fried Food:

This type of food stuffs should be either be completely banned or one is required to put a limit on its consumption, particularly when one is a prime sufferer of the chronic pain at large. nevertheless, its intake goes a long way in making you obese besides affecting your immunity, irritating your muscles as well making you insomniac. A recent study has come up with this conclusion that more aptly our body requires a sound composition of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids in the precise ratio of 1:1 but the way we maintain our diet, it will be available in our body in the ratio of 1:15, which is a highly miss-matched ratio. Fried –food stuffs usually contain omega -6 fatty acids whose sound consumption, will be the potent reason behind excessive inflammation and chronic pain at large.

Junk And Deep-Fried Food

3. Processed Foods:

A recent research conducted on the consumption of processed fods have come up with this conclusion that these kinds of food are enriched with omega-6 fatty acids along with a huge proportion of artificial chemicals, gluten, trans fats and many more, which is sure to aggravate your chronic pain, these processed foods are usually available in the market in packages, cans, boxes and so alike and is advisable to be avoided during the intense chronic pain a well as inflammation in a considerable manner.

Processed Foods

4. Keep Sweetened Or Sugary Food Stuff At Bay:

All those food stuffs that have high content of sugar will raise your sugar level in the body in a considerable manner. Higher levels of sugar in your body simply dictates this fact that your body requires to secret commendable proportion of insulin, so as to stabilize the sugar level back to normalcy. Alongside, comes the fact that higher levels of insulin in the blood often tend to adversely affect the people with significant chronic pain thus worsening it even more and ultimately resulting in inflammation. The most extreme case is one, when the over-secretion of insulin might consequently results in a sound insulin resistance. Hence, it is considerably suggested that people with intense chronic pain should avoid sugar rich food stuff and aims on the consumption of sugar available in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Keep Sweetened Or Sugary Food Stuff At Bay

5. Say No To White Flour:

White flour is one of the prominent source of processed food and should be avoided. Beside this comes the fact that its intake usually offers a zero-nutritional value to your health. Alongside, it has also been researched that it comprises of gluten in abundance which can significantly prompt the chronic pain and inflammation at large. A sound consumption of white flour , which is a kind of carbohydrate gets transformed into sugar and thus again worsening your chronic pain at large in the most commendable manner.

Say No To White Flour

6. Caffeine Consumption:

Many of us stick to our daily routine of consuming caffeine rich beverages right early in the morning, which precisely includes the intake of coffee or tea. We usually share this view-point that intake of caffeine rich beverages offers us incredibly sound energy to efficiently do our daily chores. But mind it, its excessive consumption goes a long way in affecting your mood and sleep in a significant manner. Nevertheless, lack of sleep will the most prominent reason for restlessness nights and aggravate chronic pain at large.

Caffeine Consumption

So. Friends do put a limit on the consumption of the above listed food stuffs, so as to keep chronic pain at bay.