6 Habits To Follow For Perfect Digestion

6 Habits To Follow For Perfect Digestion

Food when unable to get digested by the stomach and the liver, causes problem to the overall health. You can see the direct signs of this problem in your face in the form of small pimples and other problems like gas and more. Not only what we eat matters but how we eat and our other activities like exercises matters too. If you want to promote smooth digestion but unaware of what steps you should be taking for this, then this articles is all for you. Just read every line very carefully.

6 Wonderful Habits To Follow For Perfect Digestion:

1. Take A Walk After Every Meal:

This habit is what everybody knows but only a few follow. We all should take about 15 minute of walk every day after meal be it lunch or breakfast or dinner. The fact that is lowers the blood sugar helps in maintaining proper digestion. It is even proved in the experiment. A simple walk after a meal engages the muscle to use the excess of sugar present in the blood before it starts causing any damage to the health.

It also supports the healthy weight loss as compared to not walking at all or waiting for an hour after meal. Taking a walk everyday can make a big difference in your health and precisely digestion.

Take A Walk After Every Meal

2. Don’t Go Long Without Eating:

Thinking that not eating anything for longer hours helps in losing healthy weight, most people starve themselves for longer hours. Well, when this happens, the body goes short of energy and our appetite hits like never before. After this, whenever we resume to eating, we tend to eat too much or eat quick.

Either way, we have to deal with indigestion which is just opposite of healthy digestion. Therefore, eat regularly, keep the appetite hitting you every now and then and maintain healthy digestion.

Don’t Go Long Without Eating

3. Chew Your Food Correctly:

The first step of digestion is compromised when we forget chewing the food correctly and just swallow a large part. The process of digestion starts as soon as the food enters in our mouth. Chewing helps in breaking the food mechanically. The enzymes that are present in the saliva breaks down the food chemically and ensure optimal digestion. If chewed correctly into small bites, the later stage of digestion becomes easy.

It is said that every bite should be chewed about 30 to 50 times. Because of the poor chewing habits of many of us, the first stage of the healthy digestion is compromised that makes it even more difficult for the later stages.

Chew Your Food Correctly

4. Don’t Tempt To Delicious Food And End Up Overeating:

Well, this is something that you should always bear in mind whenever you sit before your platter of meal. Whenever there is tempting or delicious food with strong aroma in front of us, we tempt to eat more than our normal diet. One particular reason is that we tend to eat faster that does not gives time to our appetite gland to signal that it is full and we don’t care to chew properly that disrupts our digestive functioning.

You should learn to avoid such thing. Keeping in mind that faster eating and overeating will only lead to poor digestion, we should learn to cope with temptation and learn to control it.

Don’t Tempt To Delicious Food And End Up Overeating

5. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is always a must thing to do if want prefect digestion or health. For smooth muscles, it is as important as eating regular food. However, this is also something that all of us know but only a few follow. You should know that exercise is important as it stimulates the muscles and keeps the things in our digestive tract moving. If dealing with stress, then also you should exercise as it diverts the mind partially and helps the body keep the stress away.

Regular Exercise

6. Avoid The Intake Of Fluids While Or Right After Digestion:

We tend to consume some or the other type of beverage while eating mostly milk of juice or alcohol. Perhaps, you don’t know that this customary habit of many of us ruins the digestive process. It is cold beverage that interferes with the digestion more than anything. If you want to consume some beverage, then don’t consume it within 30 minutes of finishing your meal.

Avoid The Intake Of Fluids While Or Right After Digestion

The reason being, it interferes with the stomach acid and hampers the smooth digestion of food. If you add other complicating factors like sugar, milk or juice then the digestion is even more compromised. If you want to drink something before eating, then make sure that it is nothing but probiotic or enzyme rich beverage like apple cider vinegar and also, don’t drink it too much.