6 Home Remedies That Help Fight Sepsis

A simple infection can lead to sepsis, a life threatening condition, when the chemicals released by the immune system to fight an infection trigger complex inflammatory reactions throughout the body that damage multiple organs, eventually leading to failure of the organs if left untreated. The risk of sepsis increases when the infection causing bacteria enter the bloodstream, which is known as septicemia. While sepsis is a serious health problem that demands immediate medical attention, certain home remedies can help in reducing the severity of sepsis and assist recovery. They also help in minimizing the risk of developing sepsis when taken during an infection or before a surgical procedure.

The Following Home Remedies Can Help In Fighting Sepsis.

1. Garlic

The powerful antibacterial property of garlic makes it one of the best natural remedies for fighting sepsis and minimizing the risk of an existing infection worsening into sepsis. Historically, garlic juice is applied to wounds to help diminish risk of sepsis. Ingesting raw garlic helps in stimulating healthy immune response.[1]


2. Turmeric

The complexity of nuclear factor-kappa B(NF-kB) signaling is responsible for triggering the inflammatory reaction that leads to sepsis. Turmeric helps in inhibiting activation of NF-kB that helps in reducing the severity of sepsis. Furthermore, turmeric is known for its antibacterial property that helps in destroying the bacteria associated with sepsis.[2]


3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice as a rich source of vitamin C helps in fighting sepsis. Vitamin C helps in improving the immune function and reducing life threatening immune reactions. It is also known to help in inhibiting bacteria buildup and assist in detoxifying the blood.[3]

 Lemon Juice

4. Honey

Honey is a natural antiseptic. It is known to help in killing the harmful bacteria and neutralizing the bacterial endotoxin. By suppressing the inflammatory reaction induced by the bacterial infection, honey helps in fighting sepsis.[4]


5. Olive Oil

Olive oil helps in suppressing production of the inflammatory mediators that trigger the life-threatening inflammatory reaction during sepsis. According to preliminary research, ingesting olive oil helps in reducing the risk of organ dysfunction during sepsis.[5]

Olive Oil

6. Carrot Juice

Raw carrot juice is rich in nutrients that help in boosting the body’s ability to fight infection and minimize severity of sepsis. It is especially considered effective in fighting sepsis in new moms after giving birth. The risk of the condition known as puerperal sepsis can be reduced by drinking a pint of raw carrot juice daily.[6]

Carrot Juice