6 Natural And Incredible Laxatives To Keep Constipation At Bay!

One of the most usual encountered by most of us is the severe constipation issue. This implies to have some sound issue in your digestive system thus hindering the proper bowel movements in your body. Many a times we simply intake some pills to get rid of constipation but they may have some fatal effect on your health. So, instead of that, if you opt to intake some natural and incredible laxatives that not only improves your digestion but also goes a long way in keeping the constipation at bay.

Emphasized below are 6 such incredible and natural laxatives that aids in improving your health by significantly improving the issue of constipation besides overcoming from it in a commendable manner. Let’s take a look on all these in brief:

1. Green Leafy Veggies:

Green leafy veggies which includes Dandelion Greens, Spinach, Kale and many more are incredibly rich in laxative properties along with the prominent source of magnesium and various other soluble and insoluble fiber. A recent research has also indicated this fact that the intake of fibrous diet tends to hike the struggle through the colon. Along with this, comes the fact that these green leafy veggies also contain magnesium, which has considerably proved to be a strengthen electrolyte for your body that further enables the mobility of bowel movement through the stomach with great ease, thus evicting constipation in a commendable way.

Green Leafy Veggies

2. Consumption of Apples:

One of the most effective and laxative enriched fibrous food item is Apple, whose consumption goes a long way in keeping constipation at bay. It is rightly said that,’ An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’. More specifically, apples contain Pectin, which is a water soluble fibrous stuff whose consumption tends to inspire and quicken the movement of toxins from your body in a commendable manner.

Scientific study on the consumption of apples have revealed this fact that the end-product or the resultant product of the fermentation of apple is Acetic Acid which not only aids in combating with the disturbed digestion but also goes a long way in equaling the pH level of the your digestive system to the required level which thus aids in tranquil and even bowel movements from your stomach.

Consumption of Apples

3. Intake Of Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds is one such natural ingredient that is easily accessible in your pantry and is enormously rich in laxative properties at large. Besides this, it is significantly rich in omega-3 fatty acids which goes a long way in offering lubrication to your intestines. This fibrous food supplement if consumed regularly will definitely keep constipation at bay. What you are required to do is to make chia seeds a part of your daily diet by significantly adding it in smoothies, fruit jams, puddings and many more.

Intake Of Chia Seeds

4. Flax Seeds:

Quite similar to chia seeds, intake of flax seeds also goes a long way in keeping constipation at bay from your digestive system. The fibrous content present in flax seeds is highly laxative in nature and therefore aids significantly in creating stool bulk. You should try to make flax seeds a part of your daily diet chart. You can have it, by roasting it on dry fryer and then taking about 1 tablespoon of it. Taking it empty stomach along with a glass of Luke-warm water will definitely works wonders for the constipation issue or alternatively, you can ground it coarsely and then add it in your routine smoothie for improving your digestive system quite commendably.

Flax Seeds

5. Inclusion Of Aloe-Vera Gel In Your Diet:

This is also one of the potent home remedies enriched in laxative properties that tends to keep constipation at bay. Supplemented with lot of beneficial enzymes, vitamins and electrolytes, aloe-Vera gel if consumed on regular basis goes a long way in enhancing the water content in your intestines along with naturally enhancing the intestinal peristalsis and stimulating mucus secretion in a commendable way. Besides this, it is enormously propounded with anti-inflammatory properties that goes a long way in easing the bowel movements thus keeping the constipation at bay from your body. What you are required to do is to have it directly in gel form or having it as an aloe-Vera gel juice.

Inclusion Of Aloe-Vera Gel In Your Diet

6. Having A Hot Cup Of Tea/Coffee:

Having a hot cup of coffee or tea right early in the morning also goes a long way in keeping constipation at bay. Enriched with laxative properties and a vital chlorogenic acid, it aids significantly in hiking the colonic motility in your digestive system. Moreover, it has also been a power house of various oxidants that tends to fight with the inflamed digestive system in a most admirable manner. So, you can sip a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning to ease and improve the bowel movements in your body.Having A Hot Cup Of Tea/CoffeeSo, this is all about the most natural and incredible laxatives that tends to keep constipation at bay from your body.