6 Natural Skin Cleanser That You Can Prepare At Home


A cleanser skin is free from any kind of mark, spot and other facial disorder. It is the best phase of the skin and indeed every woman wants such skin. However, it is not possible without utmost care. You may take necessary steps for cleansing your skin but if still it does not become so, you may follow the natural ways given below. Do go through them all and make your pick. Make sure that whichever one you pick, you use a minimum of twice every week.

Here Are The 6 Natural Skin Cleanser That You Can Prepare At Home:

1. Almonds, Lime Juice And Cream

In this recipe, almonds infuses its necessary nutrients into the skin, cream is necessary for making the skin soft, supple and hydrated while lime juice helps in cleansing skin and vanishing any kind of marks in it.

To form the remedy, mix 1 teaspoon each of cream and lime juice in a bowl together with 2 teaspoon of freshly and finely ground almonds. Mix well to form a thin paste and then apply on your face. Keep for some 10-15 minutes and then rinse off clearly with lukewarm water.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar And Water

You might have come across the usage of apple cider vinegar for drinking purpose. However, it can also be used on face as it helps in restoring the natural pH of the skin and soothing breakout, clogged pores and bringing skin back to supple and soft from dryness. The pH of apple cider vinegar is also very close to the human skin therefore it makes a perfect skin cleansing agent for any type of skin. The best methods of using this is to mix it with water.

To form this skin cleansing recipe, add about 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoon of water. Mix properly and apply on your face with a cotton ball dipped in it. Apply all over your skin and wait till it air dries. Finally wash off with lukewarm water and followed by applying a good moisturizing cream.


3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt acts as one of the perfect skin cleansing agent with its protein content and lactic acid. With the help of yoghurt, the skin gets hydrated, detoxified and also sheds the dead skin layer fast thus acting as a natural soft exfoliating agent. Moreover, you don’t need to add anything to yoghurt as it is capable in itself to work wonderfully like a cleanser.

Take plain yoghurt in a bowl. Apply all over your skin with bare hands and wait for some 20 minutes minimum or until it air dries. Finally wash it off with warm water.


4. Grapes, Milk And Olive Oil

This recipe has grapes that is one of the best skin hydrating agent while milk soothes the skin and olive oil cleanses it. All the elements in this recipe act as wonderful skin cleansing and moisturizing agent.

To form the recipe, add 2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive, 5 grapes and 1 teaspoon of raw milk. Milk all these ingredients in the given amount in large bowl and mash well to form a paste of medium consistency. Alternatively, you may also use a food processor to form the paste out of these ingredients. Apply on your face and keep for some 20 minutes. Finally rinse it off with the help of lukewarm water.


5. Honey And Lemon

One of the best blend you get when you combine honey and lemon. Not only it works like a cleanser but also behave as a wonderful moisturizer and antiseptic. The citric acid present in lemon helps in cleansing the skin and also doing away with the dead skin cells along with the microbes residing on the skin. Mixing honey to the lemon juice is for enhancing its moisturizing property otherwise it will hardly suit any skin type.

Add 2 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Mix properly and apply on your skin with the help of a cotton ball or bare hands. Keep the paste until it automatically dries. Finally wash off with lukewarm water.


6. Milk And Honey

Another very wonderful natural skin cleanser, milk and honey are in use from thousands of years. In this recipe, milk soothes the skin while honey acts as a wonderful humectant. In other words, honey retains the moisture into the skin and keeps it supple and hydrated.

To form the remedy, add 1 teaspoon each of dark organic honey and whole milk. However, before adding honey to milk, warm it a little in a metal bowl until it becomes runny. Combine well with milk and then apply everywhere on your skin. Keep for some 20 minutes and more or until it air dries. Finally wash off with lukewarm water.