6 Useful Homemade Therapies for Cystitis

Homemade Therapies For Cystitis

Cystitis, a scientific name for the inflammation of bladder has become quite common among women. It can be very painful. Ladies suffer from stinging sensation which can be really awful. This is the basic symptom of cystitis. Other than that, symptoms like necessity to urinate immediately, pain in the lower stomach, white discharge, smelly and milky urine, thick and dark urine, pus or blood in the urine and pain in the pelvis. Bladder is a pouch that gathers urine from the kidneys. The urine moves down to the bladder via tubes known as ureters and leaves the bladder through the urethra. When there is a flaw in this design, cystitis can occur. Other reasons for this ailment are severe constipation, infected kidneys, stones in the bladder or kidneys and infection in the vagina or prostate gland. The body temperature may rise and in severe cases the sickness can stay on for a longer time. In such cases, visit a physician for further treatment. For those having mild and minor cystitis, you can try homemade therapies which are natural and free from chemicals.

Here Is A List Of Home Remedies For Bladder Inflammation:

1. Drumstick Flowers:

Fresh juice obtained from the flowers of drumstick is beneficial for this problem [1]. Mix a teaspoon of this juice with half a glass of tender coconut water and drink the concoction. This can be drunk twice a day. Follow this remedy on a daily basis for effective results. This solution acts as a diuretic in treating cystitis.

Drumstick Flowers

2. Heating Pad:

Prepare a heating pad using hot water and place it gently on your lower abdomen areas [2]. It can sooth the inflamed parts of your body. The bladder pressure can reduce. Plus, the pain in the lower stomach can subside after some time. This therapy can be done twice or thrice a day for better outcomes.

Use Heating Pad

3. Lemon:

Take 180 ml of boiling water and pour a teaspoon of lemon juice into it  [3]. Allow the water to cool before consumption. Take 60 ml of this solution every two hours from 8 am to 12 pm. This is a great remedy for bladder infection. It can purify and cleanse the stomach. The acidity of lemon can destroy the bacteria breeding in the system. Furthermore, lemon juice can stop bleeding in urine and burning sensation as well. Try this out habitually for best results.


4. Sitz Bath:

This technique is very famous as it can alleviate the acute pain caused by cystitis [4]. Prepare a bath tub of warm water and soak yourself in it. Make sure you soak yourself in a sitting position. Stay for 20 min at least to get relief from discomfort and ache. Improve your condition by doing this every day.

Sitz Bath

5. Spinach:

Take equal amounts of spinach juice and tender coconut juice preferably 100ml each [5]. Mix them and take this concoction at least twice a day. The nitrates and potassium in this liquid is beneficial for this problem. Plus, spinach has high amounts of nutrients that are beneficial for our health. Follow this remedy frequently.


6. Barley:

Prepare half a glass of barley [6]. Combine it with lime juice obtained from half a lime and some buttermilk. This is another excellent and effective diuretic for cystitis. It can heal inflammation and can sooth irritated skin. Regular intake of barley can clear out the infections in the kidneys and bladders. Take this solution twice a day and get some relief from stomach pain and other consequences of this ailment.