6 Vitamins And Nutrients You Must Need,to Avoid Early Signs Of Ageing

6 Vitamins And Nutrients You Must Need,to Avoid Early Signs Of Ageing

Ageing is what you would always shun away from while anti-ageing skin care is what it takes to keep ageing away. However, not many of us are aware of how to get anti-ageing skin care. It is said that the first signs of ageing appear in our 20s and it is the time when the battle begins. Well, ageing really is the change in the elastin and the collagen that reduces the firmness and the elasticity in the skin. Although it occurs at different rates in individual but its solution is something that every individual can seek after 20s. This is to ensure the slowing down of ageing.

6 Amazing Vitamins And Nutrients For Delaying Ageing:

1. Vitamin A Or Retinol:

This comes first in the list as it has immense benefits like keeping skin rich and super healthy. The early signs of ageing are seen when the skin starts losing its normal production of collagen and elastin fibers. This makes the skin lose its firmness and make it loose and sagging along with various signs of ageing. Better if these signs are noticed early and sought a solution at time. You have Vitamin A or retinol for this.

The function of this vitamin is to help the skin grow production of collagen. Moreover, this Vitamin Also possess the exfoliating quality which means that the skin will not accumulate more of dead skin layer. With proper consumption or application of retinol, you will be able to minimize the appearance of the wrinkle and lines.

Vitamin A Or Retinol

2. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is another very potent vitamin in minimizing the early signs of ageing. Also called ascorbic acid, Vitamin C acts like an antioxidant in giving the skin the anti-ageing care. It is also considered very important for maintaining the skin or reducing its fine lines as it aids in building collagen. It can be applied topically to reduce and finally remove the wrinkles, fine lines and effects of sunburn. You don’t have to depend on only topical application of Vitamin C but also maintain its proper amount in your diet.

As an antioxidant, it helps the skin fight against the free radicals and repair the damage caused by it. You must know that when the damage caused to the collage and the elastin is repaired and its production increases, the skin become firm again. If you too want such results, then you ought to consume more of Vitamin C in your diet. As a research, about 500-1000mg of Vitamin C must be consumed every day.

Vitamin C

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHAs:

Aha is mainly a fruit acid that is designed with the sole purpose of smoothing the early signs of ageing and the surface wrinkles. With proper consumption of aha, the tone and the texture of the skin can be improved, its pores be cleansed, the excess of oil in the skin is controlled and the arising of acne and pimples be avoided. In general, this is known to improve the overall condition of the skin.

AHA is said to penetrate deep into the skin pores, exfoliate the skin and promote the skin cells healthy and vibrant. If you don’t know how much aha you should be consuming, then you must consult your doctor regarding this.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHAs

4. Vitamin E:

When the number of free radicals increases in our skin, the production of collagen and the elastin decreases as the freer radicals continuously fight it and cause maximum damage which gets revealed in our skin with time. This damage has only one solution i.e. Antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to free the skin from free radicals and maintain its natural sheen. Vitamin E is one very potent and significant source of antioxidant.

It can be applied topically to improve the softness, smoothness, moisturization and make the skin all healthy again. It can also be taken orally to remove the free radicals.

Vitamin E

5. Glycolic Acid:

The presence of glycolic acid can be seen in sugarcane. It is the most beneficial & active of all the alpha-hydroxy-acids or AHAs. Once the acid has entered inside the cells, it triggers the formation of collagen that makes the skin firm and plump thus undo all signs of ageing & makes the skin all over beautiful. Once started its consumption, maintain it regularly and see how the wrinkles take very less time to disappear.

Perhaps, you don’t know that glycolic acid is considered as very important and effective in solving the acne problem therefore, its presence is often felt in carious cosmetic products.

Glycolic Acid

6. Antioxidants:

Antioxidant is the solution of all the skin conditions. Just maintain antioxidant in your skin and you will not be needing any cream or medication to solve the skin condition as it won’t happen ever. The main function of antioxidant is to fight the free radicals and free the skin from its presence. Green tea is considered as one of the best source of antioxidant. Just sip it thrice every day to keep your skin free from puffiness, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles.