6 Ways To Control Excess Production Of Oil

6 Ways To Control Excess Production Of Oil

Oily skin is very difficult to handle, isn’t it? A few minutes ago, you washed your face and now it has become oily again making it look like you did not wash your face at all. Perhaps, this is because you are not aware of how to treat your skin, don’t worry, because now you will know the 6 things that will help your oily skin become normal. These things are very important. Do follow and see how easy it becomes to handle your skin.

6 Ways To Control Oil In Oily Skin Type:

1. Use Natural Face Masks:

For oily skin, homemade clay mask is very suitable as it helps to remove excess of sebum, dirt and impurities correctly thus making the face look healthy and fresh.

You can form a good blend with 2 teaspoon of fuller’s earth, 1 teaspoon of fresh yoghurt and 2 teaspoon of tomato puree. Mix all these three ingredients to make a fine paste. If you want your skin to become clean, light and free of marks, then prefer adding few drops of lemon juice. Blend all these ingredients once again. The consistency of the paste should be smooth. Now apply the mask evenly all over your face till neck. Avoid applying on the eye region. For eyes, you can dip two cotton pad into rose water and place over your eyes. Now let your skin relax for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you don’t leave the mask for too long else you may experience some fine lines. After 10 minutes, instead of washing off directly, try to wipe it first with a clean, wet cotton pad. After removing, you may wash your face thoroughly.

Use Natural Face Masks

2. Cleanse Your Face Regularly:

If you have oily skin then you should definitely do regular cleansing of the face. Oily skin is more prone to witness oil, sebum, dirt and impurities but you actually can get rid of it by regularly cleansing your face. Besides removing the impurities, it helps to remove the bacteria and dead skin layer also. Also, it helps to remove any residue left of the makeup or the excess of oil. Make sure that you cleanse your face regularly to get rid of the dirt, impurities, pollution and grime. This habit of yours will also help in keeping your skin refreshed and clean.

What you can use is a healthy blend of any of the ingredients from yoghurt, raw organic honey, papaya puree, aloe vera gel and a mixture of oats. Whatever blend you choose for your skin, make sure that you give your skin a light stroke with the paste and once the cleanser has become dry, you wipe it clean with soft cotton or the tissue, & wash off only after wiping. Pat dry followed by moisturizing.

Cleanse Your Face Regularly

3. Massage It Every Day:

Massaging is another very important thing for the oily skin. Oily skin no matter what time it is continues to secrete oil which makes it look too greasy, dull and unattractive. Perhaps, you might not be knowing that giving 15 minute massage daily to your skin will become a great help in improving blood circulation and the condition of the skin cells thus finally blessing your skin with a natural glow.

For massaging purpose, you can use a natural ingredient and what can be better than the miraculous aloe vera. Extract about half cup of the fresh aloe vera gel and apply everywhere on your face. Now massage your skin with the gel in circular motion. Once the first layer of the gel has dried, apply some more and massage again, continue doing this till the gel gets dry. Perform this massage for 15 minutes letting the gel get dry after this. Finally wash it off with lukewarm water.

Massage It Every Day

4. Do Take Facial Steam:

This is one of the best thing for oily or any skin type. This, you can perform after you have cleansed your face. The purpose of taking facial steam is to open the facial pores and help it get rid of the toxins and dirt. It is very important for you to opt for facial steam right after you have cleansed your face and thinking to apply something else.

You can take facial steam by keeping your face above the boiling water and let the steam reach your face. Another method is to form a blend of about one teaspoon of turmeric, 3-4 pieces of cinnamon powder and about one teaspoon of green tea to the water and place the water on heat. When the water starts boiling, simply bring your face closer to the steam and let it reach everywhere on your facial skin. To cover your head with a towel. This is to stop the steam from escaping out. Take the facial steam for about 5 to 8 minutes and then relax with eyes closed for some time. While relaxing, the skin pores will open, do scrub your face so that you can remove the dirt and impurities.

 Do Take Facial Steam

5. Scrubbing Is Must:

Scrubbing should be done regularly in case of oily skin. Also, the best time to scrub your face is right after taking facial steam. Facial steam opens the skin pores and when you do scrub right after it, the pores can be made free of the dirt, sebum, impurities and grime easily. Also, scrubbing is also helpful in removing blackheads and whiteheads which do not go easily only with steaming and cleansing. The right knowledge of which scrub you must choose is also necessary.

Rather than choosing the scrubs from the grocery store, go for the homemade scrub. You can prepare this by combining orange peel powder, sugar, milk and honey. Form a good but rough blend of this and apply all over your face. Scrub for 5 minutes followed by giving it 5 more minutes to get dry. After this, you can wash it off properly.

Scrubbing Is Must

6. Use Toner And Moisturizer:

After scrubbing your face, you must use toner on it. As toner helps in closing the skin pores, you must use it every time after scrubbing your face. Use a natural toner followed by a good moisturizer. Oily face do not need moisturizing is the biggest myth. As it moisturizes the face and maintains its hydration, it very much needed just like the other skin types.

As skin toner, you can use green tea which is combined with aloe vera and few drops of tea tree. After toning your skin, you can go for whipped Shea butter or coconut oil blended with the almond oil as moisturizer. When you have applied toner all over your face, make sure that you do not wash it off.

Use Toner And Moisturizer