6 Wonderful Vitamins For Boosting Immunity

The strong and healthy immune system protects our body from various diseases. This system protects our body against the sickness causing bacteria. And immune cells are present throughout our body. It is a twenty-four-hour security system and is always on alert. It greatly assists the body in distinguishing between itself and the foreign matter such as bacteria, yeasts, parasites, fungi, and viruses. The immune system faces difficulty in doing its job when the body is stressed, under nourished and fatigued. You can make your immune system healthy and strong with the help of some amazing vitamins. The following is the list of wonderful vitamins that work great boosting the immunity.

1. Vitamin A:

We all know that this vitamin plays an extraordinary role in improving the eye vision. But, what many do not know is that this vitamin works wonders in boosting the immune system. This vitamin generates the antibody responses and functions of other immune effectors cells like Monocytes, Langerhans, and neutrophils. Few of the vitamin A rich foods are carrots, leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, and fish etc. With the help of a proper plan, include a wide variety of vitamin A rich foods in your daily diet chart.[1]

 Vitamin A

2. Vitamin E:

Another vitamin that you should intake in larger amounts for boosting the immune system is vitamin E. This vitamin works as a key antioxidant and defends the cell membranes from the free radical attack. This vitamin works effectively well in keeping the biological injury at bay. Vitamin E does this job by improving the immune system. Elderly people should consume larger amounts of vitamin E. This is because of the chances of tumor incidence and infectious disease increase as the age. And vitamin E works wonders in reducing those risks.[2]

Vitamin E

3. Vitamin C:

The persons with the weakened immune system should consume higher amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin, in fact, is the muscle for the immune system. This vitamin stimulates and promotes very important functions of the immune system. Thus, it strengthens your immune system.[3]

Vitamin C

4. Vitamin B6:

Another vitamin that works wonders in making your immune system stronger is vitamin B6. This vitamin works great in stimulating the response of the antibody. The poor levels of vitamin B6 in the body can result in diminished lymphocyte response. Lymphocytes are the different kinds of white blood cells. Similarly, the deficiency of this vitamin also results in an impaired response to the antibody. Hence, it is highly advisable to incorporate vitamin B6 rich foods in your regular diet.[4]

Vitamin B6

5. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is highly important for boosting the immune system. In fact, this vitamin can be considered as a miracle nutrient that your immune system requires for functioning properly. The higher amounts of vitamin D are very effective in suppressing the autoimmune diseases. The deficiency of vitamin D can result in autoimmunity. This vitamin is required for other significant functions of the body also.[5]

Vitamin D

6. Vitamin B2:

Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is another vitamin that makes the immune system stronger and healthier. This vitamin is actually a member of the group of the fluorescent yellow pigments known as flavins. The poor levels of this vitamin can lead to the diminished production of antibody. Thus, it results in reduced immunity. This vitamin is found in liver, eggs, dairy products, and in red meat. Prefer to intake moderate amounts of these foods so as to reduce the risk of vitamin B2 deficiency.[6]

Vitamin B2