7 Amazing Foods For Boosting Collagen And Making Your Skin Tight

7 Amazing Foods For Boosting Collagen And Making Your Skin Tight

You might have noticed the sagging skin of people as they get older. Well it happens when the collagen present into the skin starts breaking down. There are numerous ways to promote this collagen into the skin. Forgetting that our diet and what we eat affects our skin a lot, people mostly look for the topical remedies.

Now, you know that the diet is equally important for boosting collagen, you need to pay attention to what you eat also. Feed your skin healthy and it will be healthy. Also, other than collagen promoting food, you need to come across the food also that avoid its breaking down and regulate its level in our system. If you have good level of collagen in your body, the skin will be firm and elastic & also younger for longer period. If not then you can regulate your diet before you are full of the signs of ageing. So don’t waste time and start making a diet chart with the collagen boosting foods. To provide some help in this, you can read this article and come across the 7 foods that are actually capable of boosting collagen and promoting elasticity and the tightness to the skin. Do read about them more.

Top 7 Skin Care Vitamins And Nutrients Food For Building Collagen:

1. Vitamin C And Vitamin E Food:

Food that are rich in vitamin c and vitamin e are great for skin care. When it comes to younger and healthy looking skin, these foods have no competition. Also, for the skin tightening purpose, these foods are a good choice. They promotes the collagen building into the body and forms the elastic fibers that keep the skin tight and free of even small signs of skin ageing.

Moreover, you will find your skin much toned and tight with the consumption of these foods. So if want great skin then you need to add more of vitamin c products in your diet. Few great sources of vitamin c are kale, asparagus. Spinach, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Coming to vitamin e products, these safeguards our skin against the damage caused due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These are also known as the anti-ageing foods and great source of antioxidants that are known for neutralizing the harmful action of the free radicals.

 Vitamin C And Vitamin E Food

2. Goods Containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

If you are worried over your sagging skin then you need to look for a nutrient called the omega 3 fatty acids in products. What makes it really very important is its skin tightening property. Also, omega 3 fatty acids contain the polyunsaturated foods that promote the building of collagen, tighten the sagging skin and also boost collagen into the skin. Few amazing sources of omega 3 fatty acids are almonds, pecans, cashews and Brazil nuts.

Goods Containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids

3. Green Tea Polyphenols:

Green tea is much in craze in recent years. The reason is that it is all natural and has numerous medicinal properties that makes it healthy for the skin. If you are worried over ageing and your skin is continuously becoming more and more loose then it is time to start drinking green tea. Green tea promotes the building of collagen that tightens the skin and make it more youthful. Many a times, our lifestyle causes the breaking down of collagen even if we are continuously consuming products that promotes its building. Therefore, we also need to pay attention towards avoiding the breaking down of collagen also. Green tea does its job so well. It has catechins that prevent the breaking down of collagen which is only a boost for healthy and younger looking skin. Green tea also contains antioxidants and then anti-inflammatory properties that only tightens the skin and put a break to the breaking down of the elastic fibers.

 Green Tea Polyphenols

4. Antioxidants:

Antioxidants is what you should keep in mind if you are health & skin conscious. Foods that contain good amount of antioxidants make the skin smooth, glowing, soft and younger than the age. Add plenty of foods containing antioxidants to your diet and you can get firm and tight skin as well. What antioxidants does is to protect the skin cells and free it from the damage of the free radicals. For antioxidants, you can have green leafy vegetables, nuts, dark berries, etc. You will definitely be able to experience the anti-ageing effect in less time of its consumption.


5. Lycopene Rich Food:

Few great sources of lycopene are beets, red pepper and tomatoes. Lycopene is another nutrient known for boosting collagen. It acts as an antioxidant that help in stimulating the collagen and promote the development of the elastic fibers. It provides the natural collagen that defend the sensitive skin from the harmful action of the free radicals. Also, lycopene throws a tough battle to the enzyme called collagenases that if large in number destroys collagen.

Lycopene Rich Food

6. Food Containing Sulfur:

Sulfur is an amazing nutrient for tight skin. If you don’t want any sign of anti-ageing to hit your skin then start consumption of food containing sulfur. Sulfur keeps the skin smooth by repairing the tissues that are damaged by the free radicals and provide elasticity to the skin. Foods that are high in sulfur content and boost collagen and elastin fibers are kale, cabbage, garlic, cucumbers, egg, black olives and onions. With these foods, you will be able to improve the skin texture and make your skin tight naturally. Do add more of such food in your diet and get your skin really healthy, younger looking and free from any damage.

Food Containing Sulfur

7. Food Rich In Selenium:

Selenium is known for its skin tightening purpose. The main function of selenium is to keep the skin elastic, firm and tight. Selenium is full of antioxidants that reduces the wrinkles and also prevent the sagging skin by tightening it. You can get smooth skin with the consumption of diet rich in selenium. To talk more of selenium, it also has the curative and protective nature that prevents the wrinkles and other ageing factors. You can find selenium in whole grains, shellfish and Brazil nuts. Do add some part of selenium to your diet and get skin that you had never dreamt of before.

Food Rich In Selenium