7 Amazing Vitamins For Handling Alcoholism

7 Amazing Vitamins For Handling Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disorder in which a person cannot stop himself or herself from extreme and often intake of alcohol. Alcoholics often fail to choose the right dietary choices. Because of this reason, they often get affected with the trouble of deficiencies of certain vitamins. Due to the vitamin deficiency, they experience the number of physical and mental health issues. Deficiency of certain vitamins makes them feel the compulsion to drink. Therefore, it is suggested to consume vitamin rich diet to easily battle the issue of alcoholism. Today, we are providing the list of certain vitamins from which the alcoholics suffer a lot.By Consuming Certain Foods Rich In Particular Vitamins, The Alcoholics Can Get The Ability To Combat Against The Issue Of Alcoholism.

 Vitamins For Handling Alcoholism:

1. Vitamin D:

Alcoholics suffer from vitamin D deficiency [1]. Because of the lack of vitamin D, alcoholics can get affected with the problems like osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the major metabolic bone disease seen in alcoholics. Alcoholics with lack of vitamin D have to face the strong negative impact on the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Alcoholics are recommended to consume vitamin D-rich foods. Prefer to consume vitamin D-rich foods such as fatty fish, beef liver, egg yolks and cheese so as to obtain higher amounts of vitamin D.

Vitamin D

2. Vitamin C:

Deficiency of vitamin C is also common in alcoholics [2]. Several studies recommend that ninety-one percent of chronic alcoholics are suffering from the deficiency of vitamin C. This vitamin is lost through the severe elimination of the urine after even modest amounts of alcohol. Hysteria, confusion and depression are the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in alcoholics. So, try to include vitamin C-rich foods so as to beat the signs of vitamin C deficiency.

 Vitamin C

3. Vitamin E:

Another vitamin which is generally deficient in chronic alcoholism is vitamin E [3]. Poor vitamin E in the body can result in degeneration of the muscular tissue. Vitamin E is required in order to maintain the healthy and strong immune system. This vitamin in fact gives us ability to fight against bacteria and viruses. Because of lack of this vitamin, alcoholics are at the high risk of facing many health issues. Include those dietary sources that are rich in vitamin E.
Vitamin E

4. Vitamin B6:

Alcoholics usually have the very low blood levels of vitamin B6 [4]. The deficiency of vitamin B6 results in the symptoms such as changes in the mood, muscle pains, confusion, and fatigue or low energy etc which are often found in alcoholics. So, the alcoholics are suggested to intake the extra vitamin B6. People who are trying to stop drinking seriously are advised to intake the higher amounts of vitamin B6.

 Vitamin B6

5. Vitamin A:

The deficiency of vitamin A is also common in alcoholics [5]. Excessive consumption of alcohol diminishes the concentrations of vitamin A in the liver. This vitamin is very important for the eyes. Prefer to intake higher amounts of vitamin A rich foods such as dark green leaves, ripe papaya, fish, milk and eggs etc.

Vitamin A

6. Vitamin K:

Another vitamin deficiency with which alcoholics suffer a lot is vitamin K [6]. This vitamin is very important for blood clotting and protein modification. Hence, include vitamin K rich foods in your regular diet chart so as to keep its deficiency at bay.

 Vitamin K

7. Vitamin B9:

Alcoholics are found to be deficit in vitamin B9 or folic acid [7]. The signs of the deficiency of this vitamin include irritability, forgetfulness, insomnia, depression, impaired cognition, and macrocytic anemia. Dark leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, citrus fruits, avocado, and okra are few of the dietary sources of vitamin B9.

Vitamin B9