7 Best Foods That Increase The Oxygen Levels

Oxygen promotes the activity of all body functions. 65% of the body is oxygen. Oxygen is continuously tearing down and building anew. It inspires and stimulates our body. It supplies magnetism and heat to the body. Oxygen acts as the promoter of the health. It is completely indispensable for an active existence. Poor oxygen levels lead to the issue of anemia. Lack of oxygen makes the sufferer subject to pain and infection. Inadequate amounts of oxygen in the body result in the lack of invention and expression. Poor oxygen levels in the body can cause sterility. We get oxygen from air and water.

Similarly, Following Foods Also Offer Us The Oxygen:

1. Orange:

Oranges are the juicy and delicious fruits that work wonder in keeping us healthy and strong. These amazing fruits provide oxygen to our body. Prefer consuming a glass of orange juice daily for keeping away the oxygen deficiency. Alternatively, prefer eating one orange on the regular basis to reap its health benefits.[1]


2. Grapes:

Grapes are other dietary sources of oxygen. They also contain various powerful antioxidants that work wonder in slowing down or avoiding various forms of cancer. Besides reducing the risk of oxygen deficiency, the consumption of grapes also heals various kinds of diseases such as constipation, common cold, arthritis, anemia, common cold, flu, gastritis, insomnia, liver disease, chronic fatigue, impotence, and incontinence etc. Iron in grapes is highly helpful for the new mothers and pregnant women. Prefer to consume grapes on the regular basis for enjoying all these health benefits.[2]


3. Tomatoes:

We get oxygen from tomatoes as well. Moderate consumption of tomatoes is highly recommended for keeping the oxygen deficiency at bay. Besides enhancing the oxygen levels in the body, the tomatoes work wonder in increasing the beauty of your hair and skin. They make your bones stronger and healthier as well.[3]

4. Lemon:

Lemon is another wonderful dietary source of oxygen. Lemon is one of the powerful ingredients which adds immense flavor to the diet. But lemon not only offers sour flavor and delicious smells but also provides the number of health benefits. Therefore, consume lemon juice regularly. The intake of the lemon juice is highly helpful in improving the bowel movements. It lowers your blood sugar levels. It purifies the blood and therefore it keeps various kinds of diseases at bay. For this, prepare lemon juice with the hot water.[4]


5. Green Peppers:

Another highly nutritious vegetable from which we can get oxygen is green pepper. This vegetable has the tangy taste and is very effective in providing oxygen to your body. By providing oxygen to the body, this vegetable works miracles in reducing the risk of the certain persistent diseases. Try to add green peppers in your diet.[5]

Green Peppers

6. Watermelon:

Other amazing fruit that offers oxygen to our body is watermelon. Consume watermelon juice daily. Vitamin A and Vitamin C in watermelon make your immune system stronger so that you are not prone to getting the flu and the colds. This fruit is highly effective in protecting your body from the issue of dehydration.[6]


7. Peaches:

The juicy and delicious fruit that is highly popular and offer you oxygen is peach. Besides being tasty, it offers you wide range of health benefits. Oxygen in peach promotes the health of your skin. It also helps you in maintaining the healthy weight. This amazing fruit is very effective in controlling high cholesterol. It controls the blood pressure and supports the healthy digestive system. By providing oxygen to your body, this fruit protects your body against anemia.[7]