7 Best Teas To Drink That Help In Weight Loss

7 Best Teas To Drink That Help In Weight Loss

Tea is not only a great energy booster. It is also known to assist in weight loss. Among the different types of teas those that stimulate metabolism of fats or help in suppressing appetite can help in improving the effectiveness of your weight loss diet. Herbal teas are healthier alternatives to the sugar laden beverages. Therefore, they should be part of a healthy diet. However, even these healthy infusions can lose their benefit if you add sugar or whole milk. Therefore, to enjoy the anti-obesity benefits of drinking herbal teas, prepare them in the appropriate way. But you cannot skip your low calorie healthy diet and workouts, because to lose weight, apart from drinking teas that are known to assist in weight loss, you must follow a healthy lifestyle.

The Following Teas Can Help You In Losing Weight:

1. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a potent metabolism booster. By revving up metabolism, it assists in breaking down the body fats.[1] Furthermore, hibiscus tea helps in reducing absorption of carbohydrate in the bloodstream. It contains phaseolamin, a compound that inhibits production of the enzyme amylase. Low amylase level reduces digestion of carbohydrate. As a result fewer carbohydrates enter the blood, which helps in speeding up weight loss.

Hibiscus Tea

2. Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate tea can help in suppressing appetite. It assists in slowing down the gastric emptying time so that you feel full for a longer time.[2] It is also known to help in increasing satiety. Therefore, you will eat less by drinking yerba mate tea. The caffeine content in the herbal tea seems to assist in breaking down fats. It even helps in reducing absorption of dietary fats.

Yerba Mate Tea

3. Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is a popular Chinese slimming tea.[3] Compared to the other variants of the tea made with the leaves and stems of Camellia sinensis plants, pu-erh tea is most effective in burning fats. It accelerates metabolism and inhibits fat storage. For better result, drink a cup of pu-erh tea after each meal, thrice a day.

Pu-erh Tea

4. Bilberry Tea

To reduce your cravings, drink bilberry tea. It helps in reducing sugar cravings, and seems to work best in the evening. It is known to help in controlling the blood sugar.[4] Fluctuating blood sugar is blamed for triggering cravings. Bilberry tea, by balancing your blood sugar, helps in putting the brake on your appetite. The herbal tea is prepared by simmering two tablespoons of fresh or dried bilberries in a pint of water for 10 minutes. Drink a cup of bilberry tea daily for weight management.

Bilberry Tea

5. Green Tea

For weight loss, green tea is the most popular choice. It works by stimulating thermogenesis, which temporarily increases metabolism.[5] Your body starts burning fats at a faster speed when you drink green tea. Studies have found an association between caffeine in green tea and the flavonoid EGC for its metabolism boosting effect. In addition, green tea also seems to help in suppressing appetite.

Green Tea

6. Licorice Tea

You cannot lose weight without reducing your overall calorie intake.[6] To eliminate your cravings, drink licorice tea. Licorice helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level. Hence, it assists in reducing cravings triggered by the fluctuating blood sugar level.

Licorice Tea

7. Ginger Tea

To lose weight and eliminate the belly fat, drink ginger tea. Because of its thermogenic effect, ginger helps in increasing metabolism of fats.[7] Ginger is also known to help in inhibiting cortisol production. High cortisol level increases fat buildup in the abdomen. To reduce your body weight, drink at least two cups of ginger tea daily.

Ginger Tea