7 Diet Tips You Must Follow To Keep Your Skin Healthy


We all want healthy skin and we keep on trying one or the other remedies to get one but not all of us are actually able to see this dream coming true. A product should be of our skin type is not all, sometimes our skin is seeking something else and we are unable to provide it so. As a result, its health ruins. Down here are given the top 7 health tips that explain more than what is needed. Do go through these and follow daily.

Here Are The 7 Diet Tips You Must Follow To Keep Your Skin Healthy:

1. Sip Green Tea

This you must say is the greenest tip for anybody fond of sipping tea. Taking green tea in place of beverages and tea or coffee, does more good to the skin and health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that protects our cell membrane and also helps in reducing the chances of any kind of skin problem. According to experts, whether sipping green tea or applying it on the skin reduces the risk of UV rays and benefits our overall skin.


2. Drink Less Of Sugar

It is your skin that suffers more than your waistline when you do regular intake of sugar. Sugar, if continued for longer period, may act as poison to the skin. The serious consequence of sugar is premature ageing of skin, sagging skin and skin tone that is uneven. If you don’t believe so then you must have a look at the people with high blood sugar level who look older than their actual age. Therefore, the best advice is to discontinue the intake of sugar in any form whether drinks or juice. If you are unable to do so than you may limit the intake of sugar rather than having it daily.


3. Have Low Fat Dairy Products

Low fat dairy products contain more amount of vitamin A that keeps the skin healthy even if you are suffering from any problem. The best source of this vitamin is the low fat yoghurt that keeps the inside and outside of body both healthy. Other than this, what you must not forget is that anything that keeps our digestion normal reflects it in the form of healthy looking skin. Therefore, have more of such products and keep your skin healthy.

Dairy Products

4. Drink As Much Water As You Can

Well, it is the easiest, most prevailed, reliable and the cheapest health tip ever. Experts say that we should drink 10-12 glass of water everyday but if we can than there goes nothing in drinking more than the mentioned amount. It is because, it keeps the body free from toxins and skin hydrated. Also, when there is proper amount of water in the body, we sweat more and this keeps our skin clean and clear. Therefore, drink more water and stay hydrated and clean also.


5. Apply Some Sun Protection

The pollution and the environmental factors are disturbing the natural sheen of the skin. The biggest cause of worry is the presence of UV rays outside that are always there to chase your anywhere and play game to your skin. however, you may always shield your skin from this harsh factor by applying a decent sunscreen with spf of about and more than 30 to your skin whenever your step outside. In summer, you need to take extra precautions with your skin. Other than using sunscreen what you can do is try to cover your skin for longer hours or follow some home remedy.


6. Have Food Rich In Antioxidant

If you have not heard of free radicals, than you must know that these never do well to the skin. Free radicals when evolve in our body cause damage to the DNS and the cell membrane thus ruining the overall texture of the skin. If you want to cut the evolution of this harmful thing in our body then you must increase the consumption of blueberries, plums, blackberries and strawberries as these are high in antioxidants and fight effectively with the free radicals. You may take other fruits or products also that are high in antioxidants. Together with the minerals and nutrients of our body, it help to protect cells from disintegration and damage thus removing the worry of premature ageing. The other sources of antioxidants are prunes, pecans and pinto.

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7. Go Green

This is another very good advice for people who want to keep their skin in best fitting at any time. It is not only the skin but hair also that improve in quality when the intake of green products especially vegetable is increased. Green vegetables increase the amount of minerals and nutrients into the body and keep it in the best shape all the time. Also, it help in the elimination of toxins from the body thus removing any chances of facial disorders like frequent acnes and blemishes.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables