7 DIY Collagen Boosting Face Packs For Firm Skin

The cells in our body produce a protein called collagen which is responsible for keeping the skin younger. Collagen is present in connective tissues. Our skin becomes firm and strong because of this protein. This protein plays a key role in making our skin healthy, wrinkle-free and fresh. Nobody wanted to notice the wrinkles on the skin. Everyone desires for a younger looking skin. But as we age the appearance of the wrinkles can be noticed on the skin which ruins our prettiness. This problem can be eliminated through the application of collagen boosting packs.

Here, We Have Listed Some Amazing Packs.

1. Pineapple With Papaya:

Bromelain in pineapple works great in making your skin flexible and firm by providing elasticity. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production. And papaya is rich in this vitamin. On the whole, this fantastic face pack keeps your skin strong. Take the equal quantities of pineapple and papaya. Blend these ingredients properly in order to notice a fine and thick paste. Smear this mixture on your skin. Leave this mixture for fifteen minutes. Then, wash off the pack using cold water.

Pineapple With Papaya

2. Kiwi And Strawberry:

Kiwi is a rich source of several nutrients that are responsible for boosting collagen. Strawberry is also packed with vitamin C and application of this amazing fruit makes your skin beautiful. Take the equal amount of tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and kiwi. Place them in a small container. Finely mash them and apply on the skin. Wash the pack from your skin after few minutes. Your skin becomes young and fresh with the help of this wonderful face pack.

Kiwi And Strawberry

3. Egg With Cucumber:

This is one of the amazing collagen boosting packs. For preparing this face pack, egg white, cucumber pieces and some coconut oil drops are required. Blend the mass. Smear this mixture on your skin. Let it dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash with tepid water. Pat dry the skin and apply moisturizer.

Egg With Cucumber

4. Avocado With Kiwi:

The combination of avocado and kiwi forms a fantastic pack that boosts collagen. Take avocado and kiwi. Grind these ingredients together in order to get a smooth and thick paste. Smear the mixture on the facial skin. Let the pack dry for half an hour. Use cold water to wash your skin. Pat dry your skin. This fantastic DIY pack greatly works in eliminating wrinkles from the skin. Thus, you can gain beautiful and younger looking skin.

Avocado With Kiwi

5. Green Vegetables With Bananas And Carrot:

This green face pack nourishes your skin. This amazing collagen boosting pack can be made by blending green vegetables, bananas, carrot and almond oil in a small container. Apply the resultant paste on the skin. Allow the paste to dry for twenty minutes. Then, rinse off the pack to notice shinier, younger and smoother skin.

Green Vegetables With Bananas And Carrot

6. Coconut Cream With Dairy Products:

This superb collagen boosting pack makes your skin look younger and healthier. The ingredients you need for making this pack are mashed avocado, coconut cream, and paste of dark green vegetables and butter. The paste must be applied on the skin. Leave it on for twenty to twenty-five minutes on the skin. Rinse off the pack using cold water.

Coconut Cream With Dairy Products

7. Baking Soda With Honey And Milk Cream:

The combination of all these ingredients forms a creamy face pack. Baking soda with milk cream and honey must be mixed together for preparing this pack. Combine three ingredients and smear on the skin. Let it dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Use lukewarm water for cleansing your skin.

Baking Soda With Honey And Milk Cream