7 Healthy Diet Tips For Enlarged Liver

Do you have a swelling around your abdominal area? Do you suffer loss of appetite? If you answered positively, then you might be suffering from liver enlargement, which is also well-known as hepatomegaly. Some of the common symptoms of enlarged liver are weakness, yellowing of eye whites and skin, abdominal pain, red mottled palm, lack of appetite, feeling tired in the morning, and partly whiten fingernails. Enlarged liver is not actually a disease but a sign of a cause that may be hepatitis, leukemia, liver cancer, tuberculosis, or side effects of medications. And, you need to follow a healthy diet when you are suffering from liver enlargement. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Seven Healthy Diet Tips That You Must Follow When You Have An Enlarged Liver:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water:

When you suffer from liver enlargement, make sure you drink plenty of water every day [1]. Drinking a lot of water daily aids in minimizing fat, alcohol intake, cholesterol, and other toxins that affect your liver adversely.

 Drink Plenty Of Water

2. Add Tamarind In Meals:

Tamarind acts as an effective natural detoxifier and helps in minimizing the inflammation of your liver [2]. It contains properties that aid safeguard and decongest your liver. It offers you antibacterial benefits that are highly beneficial for your enlarged liver. You can also drink tamarind tea many times a day.

 Add Tamarind In Meals

3. Curb Alcohol Intake:

If you are in habit of drinking alcohol, stop the intake of alcohol completely, immediately [3]. This is because the consumption of alcohol promotes accumulation of fats in your liver resulting in inflammation and scarring of the liver. Drink minimum eight to ten glasses of water daily.

Curb Alcohol Intake

4. Use Onion In Salad:

One of the best foods to add to your diet when suffering from an enlarged liver is onion. It is known for its excellent diuretic and cleansing benefits that offer you a great relief from the enlarged liver [4]. Add onion to your daily salads as it will help in smooth digestion and minimize the inflammation of your liver. If you do not like onion, you can add asparagus to your diet as it possesses similar properties and helps in reducing the troubles resulting due to an enlarged liver.

Use Onion In Salad

5. Have Green Tea:

Drinking green tea regularly is a powerful diet tip that helps you combat inflammation of liver [5]. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks that helps you enjoy good health. It is an excellent source of catechins, which are powerful antioxidants, so it is highly beneficial for safeguard your cells and minimizing the risk of liver cancer. Also, drinking green tea promotes good health of your enlarged liver.

 Have Green Tea

6. Include Eggplant In Meals:

Long eggplant is well-known for its peculiar property of stimulating inactive cells of your liver [6]. Adding long eggplant to your meals is highly beneficial in alleviating the discomfort resulting due to the liver enlargement. Include it in your daily diet and soon you will find your liver been restored to the normal size and functioning.

 Include Eggplant In Meals

7. Eat Papaya:

Papaya plays a crucial role in minimizing the troubles of liver enlargement [7]. Make sure you eat raw papaya or ripe papaya by sprinkling powdered black pepper and cumin seeds on it every day as it is highly beneficial to get relief from the enlarged liver condition. Also, You can also extract juice from the seeds of papaya by grinding them. Prepare healthy juice by mixing lemon juice and juice of papaya seeds in 10:1 ratio and drink it twice every day for one month.

Eat Papaya

Now that you know these seven healthy diet tips for minimizing liver enlargement, make sure you follow them and obtain relief from the condition.