7 Helpful Home Remedies For Pleurisy

Home Remedies For Pleurisy

The tissue layers that surround the exterior of the lungs and form the inner lining of the chest cavity are known as the pleura. Inflammation of the pleura causes pleurisy. Pleurisy leads to intense chest pain especially during breathing. The pain also aggravates when sneezing or coughing. As people suffering from pleurisy cannot expand the lungs properly to inhale air because of chest pain, they tend to experience shortness of breath. The chest pain tends to radiate to the shoulders and back.

Pleurisy is usually associated with a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. It is a common cause of chest pain in influenza and pneumonia patients. It can also be a symptom of a systemic autoimmune disease. Home remedies are known to help in reducing the inflammation of the pleura, thereby alleviating the chest pain. The following home remedies are especially considered effective in providing relief from the symptoms of pleurisy.

Below Are The 7 Helpful Home Remedies For Pleurisy:

1. Hot Chest Pack

A hot chest pack is known to provide relief from the inflammation and pain caused by pleurisy. The heat helps in reducing the sharp chest pain that people suffering from pleurisy experience when breathing.[1] Apply the hot chest pack for half an hour, three to four times a day. However, if pleurisy is accompanied by very high fever, the hot pack can be replaced with a cold compress.

Hot Chest Pack

2. Mustard

Mustard paste is considered an effective remedy for pleurisy. The heat of mustard paste helps in reducing inflammation and improving circulation.[2] Apply the mustard paste to the chest and upper back for faster relief from the chest pain and discomfort. Mustard oil can also be applied to the chest and upper back for improving the pleurisy symptoms.


3. Horseradish

The heat produced by topical application of horseradish paste to the chest and upper back can help in reducing the inflammation and chest pain.[3] Finely grate a horseradish and mix it with malt whisky. Apply the mixture to the chest and upper back. This is a popular Irish folk remedy for pleurisy.


4. Cayenne Pepper

The hotness of cayenne pepper can also help people with pleurisy. Prepare cayenne pepper poultice by mixing ground cayenne pepper with warm water.[4] Smooth the area where the poultice is to be applied with a small amount of olive oil. Apply the cayenne pepper poultice to the chest and upper back. Cayenne pepper can also be added to foods to help speed up healing.

Cayenne Pepper

5. Toast Water

Toast water is an effective home remedy for pleurisy. In the oven, dry a slice of homemade bread. Grind the bread into powder.[5] Boil the powdered bread in water with some butter and pinch of salt. Drink the toast water daily. This old fashioned home remedy helps in reducing the discomfort and pain and energizes the body.

Toast Water

6. Okra Juice

The mucilage in okra is helpful for pleurisy. The mucilage helps in reducing the irritation of the mucous membranes including the pleura.[6] A glass of okra juice, when consumed daily, helps in reducing the inflammation of the pleura.

Okra Juice

7. Flaxseed Paste

Applying flaxseed paste to the chest and back can assist in recovery. Crush three tablespoons of flaxseeds and mix with boiling water to make a thick paste.[7] Spread the paste on a cloth and place it on the chest. The paste should be hot yet comfortable for compress. To further enhance the effectiveness of the flaxseed poultice, add a pinch of mustard to the paste. Because of its high mucilage content, tea prepared with flaxseeds can be taken by people suffering from pleurisy. It helps in reducing the irritation and inflammation of the pleura.

Flaxseed Paste