7 Herbs To Alleviate Migraine Attack

7 Herbs To Alleviate Migraine Attack

Migraine headaches are troublesome and are usually coupled with light sensitivity, smells and sound. Also, eye pain, vomiting and nausea can be seen in few patients. Patients suffering from headache suffer from headache on one side. In few cases, both sides and bilateral headaches can be notices. Staying away from dietary triggers can be helpful to some of the patients to handle migraine effectively. Lifestyle modifications and usage of over-the-counter medications help to manage migraine headaches. There are various herbs that support to handle migraines very effectively. However, these herbs are to be taken only on medical advice.

Here Are The Top Five Herbs That Ease Migraines:

1. Feverfew

This is one of the amazing remedial herbs that are very valuable in handling migraine headaches. Daily intake of feverfew for a prolonged period is said to reduce the severity or intensity attacks of migraine.[1] Leaves of feverfew are loaded compounds that are very effective in lessening the factors that lead to migraine headaches. Chewing fresh leaves of feverfew assures you a great relief from migraine headaches. In this way, feverfew acts as a medicine in controlling troublesome migraine.


2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is known to be rich in antioxidant and sedative properties. This herb is said to alleviate migraine headaches as this herb is loaded with high range of medicinal values. Intake of lemon balm tea assures you a great relief from the severity of migraine attacks.[2] In such way, Lemon balm which is a perennial herb belonging to mint family plays a great role in banishing headaches.

Lemon balm

3. Peppermint

There are various herbal therapies that alleviate the symptoms of migraine. Peppermint is one of such herb that is very effective in handling migraine symptoms.[3] Combination of peppermint and spearmint leaves must be grinded with almond oil. And this solution must be applied on the temples of face. This process gives you greatest relief from migraines.


4. Purslane

Purslane is an extremely effective herb that acts exceptionally well in alleviating the symptoms of migraine. Consuming Purslane tea eases the migraine problem.[4] However, you have to contact your medical advisor before proceeding to consume the tea in order to assure that the herb is not interacting with the medications that you may be using.


5. White Willow

White willow is rich in properties that help to heal various health ailments. In researches, it has been revealed that this herb is rich in properties that are similar to aspirin.[5] Hence, this herb is popular as natural aspirin as it helps to relive pain and provide soothing effect. White willow is beneficial in lightening the headaches that are caused by migraine attack. Intake of white willow tea is very helpful in eradicating migraine attacks.

White Willow

6. Butterbur

Medicinal usage of butterbur herb for handling various health ailments dates back to many centuries. Since ancient times, this herb is very popular for its amazing therapeutic values. It has been in use for dealing with migraines. Also, without any serious side effects, this therapeutic herb is known to be successful in reducing the frequency attacks of migraines in children as well as in adolescents.[6] Butterbur tea for migraines is recommended for handling the situation.


7. Valerian

Valerian is one of the helpful herbs that are very effective in managing the frequency of migraine headaches. This herb is beneficial in helping you to relax and thus helps in reducing the stress. Stress is one of the common trigger for migraine headaches. By soothing your mind, it controls the migraine attacks.[7] Intake of valerian tea is helpful for calming your mind and comforting you from migraine.