7 Home Remedies For Improving Your Hair Texture

7 Home Remedies For Improving Your Hair Texture

Hair represents your personality. Hence, you are required to maintain a good hair texture. In fact, who in the world does not like to have silky, shiny and thick hair? But pollution in the environment can ruin your hair with the dust and dirt. If your hair texture is rough and brittle, it looks lifeless. In spite of your serious styling efforts, it appears dull. A lot of people who are facing this problem might have fed up with the usage of harsh chemical beauty products. Many people are looking to improve the hair texture naturally.

Today, Let Us Discuss Some Natural Ways For Improving The Hair Texture.

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is highly capable of improving the texture of your hair. By eliminating the dryness from the hair, moisturizing properties of aloe vera makes your hair soft and shine. Take two tablespoons of coconut oil, three tablespoons of curd and four tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a small container. Mix these ingredients well and apply on your hair for half an hour. Alternatively, you can collect few hibiscus flowers and make them a thick paste. Take two teaspoons of hibiscus flower paste and add it to ½ cup of aloe vera gel. Also, add single teaspoonful of olive oil to this mixture. Apply this mixture on the hair.[1]

aloe vera

2. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is highly known to be beneficial in improving the texture of your hair. Hair becomes healthy and strong with the application of coconut oil. This amazing oil is loaded with medium chain triglycerides that help in conditioning your hair. Besides adding shine to your hair, coconut oil when applied acts as a fantastic moisturizing agent to our hair. Regular application of coconut oil is recommended. Massage your hair for some time with coconut oil. It strongly combats with dryness in your hair.[2]

coconut oil

3. Almond Oil:

Another fantastic natural ingredient that improves the quality and texture of your hair is almond oil. It strengthens your hair. Take some almond oil and heat it for some time. Let it cool for few minutes. Slightly wet your hair and apply the heated oil on all over your hair. Cover your hair with a warm towel and leave it for one hour. Rinse off the oil from your hair with the help of mild shampoo. Regular application helps in improving the texture of your hair.[3]


4. Honey:

Honey when applied, eliminates dandruff and frizz from your hair. Also, this wonderful ingredient plays a pivotal role in improving the texture of your hair. Honey is packed with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties. Honey is known to be helpful in locking moisture content in your hair. It protects your hair from the damage of the sun and heat. You can make a shampoo with honey. For this, take some honey and mix it with ¾ cup of water. Mix honey with water. Massage your scalp and hair with this mixture. Excess usage of this mixture can leave your hair oily and greasy.[4]


5. Egg:

The high content of protein and fat in egg improves the texture of your hair. People with normal hair must an egg from the top to bottom of your hair. Cover your hair with towel and wash with tepid water. Whisk one to four egg yolks and apply on the hair. Wrap the hair with the towel for half an hour. Then, wash with lukewarm water. If you have oily hair, one to three egg whites must be applied depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Leave it for thirty minutes and wash your hair with tepid water.[5]


6. Green Tea:

Green tea is not only good for our overall health but also improves the texture of our hair. Regular intake of green tea helps in nourishing your hair. It makes your hair glowing and healthy. It stimulates the proper hair growth. Green tea is very effective in making your hair lustrous and glowing.[6]

green tea

7. Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry has occupied a prominent role in improving the hair texture. Vitamin C and antioxidants of Indian Gooseberry are highly beneficial in improving the hair growth. You can mix some coconut oil with some Indian Gooseberry and apply on your hair. This process is also very helpful in preventing hair loss.[7]

Indian Gooseberry

All these remedies help in assuring you with a good hair texture. By improving your hair texture, you can showcase much on trying different fashionable hair styles. Keep away the store-bought hair texture improving products and try any of these on a regular basis for noticing the best results. Have you tried and witnessed the best results? Do share your comments.