7 Methods To Keep Your Hair In Good Shape In Monsoon Season

7 Methods To Keep Your Hair In Good Shape In Monsoon Season


Monsoon season do bring some relief from the scorching heat of the sunlight but along with the rain increases the pollution and dirt. Try enjoying the rain from inside your house rather than going out and have a rain dance. Well, it is very common with many of us that instead of avoiding the rain, our hair tend to lose the natural sheen and look. Well it is not only about avoiding the rain but also about being careful to our hair. Just go through the five tips that you must follow in have natural and frizz free hair in monsoon.

Now Let’s See How We Can Protect Our Hair In Monsoon Season:

1. Do Massage Your Hair With The Warm Coconut Hair Oil:

In monsoon season, there is lot of humidity around. To make sure that the hair can adjust to this season, you need to show some care to your hair. The humidity around brings itchiness that you can easily do away with the warm coconut oil massage. The warm coconut oil penetrates deeper and keeps the hair free from unwanted fizziness and itchiness. In case, you are experiencing dandruff in your scalp, you can massage your scalp with the margosa oil. It is loaded with good properties that can bring so much of help to the hair.

Do Massage Your Hair With The Warm Coconut Hair Oil

2. Apply A Conditioner:

Conditioner has harmful effects also but only if you do not have the proper technique to use it on your hair. Conditioner should not be applied on the scalp but only at the lower part of the hair. In monsoon season, its need increases because it is the perfect way to keep your hair frizz free, smooth and silky. Therefore after every wash with a mild shampoo, wash off your hair with a mild conditioner. Now if you choose to implement this step, then go for a keratin conditioner.

Apply A Conditioner

3. Go For Natural Herbal Products:

Well, I prefer natural products regardless of the season. The reason behind this is the presence of natural ingredients that render effectiveness to these products. In monsoon season, you can follow this tip for your hair. Rather than using heavy chemical shampoos, go for the natural products from Ayurvedic or homeopathic. Such products are very helpful in giving smoothness, shine and natural look to the hair.

Go For Natural Herbal Products

4. Try Homemade Remedies From Time To Time:

Well, the above listed is the natural products that you can easily get at some grocery store but this is not all. Try sticking to a particular home remedy and follow it from time to time. Go for a home remedy that has all the properties rather than capable of removing only dandruff or itchiness or lice, etc. In monsoon, the hair without care tend to lose sheen, become rough and start becoming weak. Therefore, one popular remedy is the egg, yoghurt and olive oil remedy. In this remedy, egg is responsible for sheen and strength, yoghurt brings straightness thus keeping away the fizziness and olive oil provide extra strength to the hair. Therefore, isn’t it the perfect remedy, that you need? There are various other effective remedies as well that you can try.

Try Homemade Remedies From Time To Time

5. Keep Away From Rain:

Well, monsoon and no rain, it is not possible. Other than taking proper measures to your hair, you must prevent from getting your hair wet in the rain. Many of us feel like going out in the rain and enjoy but this may harm our hair. The rain has so much of dirt that when settles on the scalp, bring it even more chaos and misery. Therefore, try not to go out in the rain. In case, you get your hair wet in the rain somehow, make sure that you wash your hair with a mild shampoo (sulphate free) as soon as possible. Let it dry naturally after.

Keep Away From Rain

6. Avoid Using Blow Driers:

This is another piece of advice that you should follow in any season. When hair are dried with the blow driers, it takes away the moisture from the scalp that is essential for the hair. As a result, the hair tend to become frizzy and rough. Other than blow drier, you should also avoid using more of other styling products like hair straightener and curler.

Avoid Using Blow Driers

7. Avoid Hair Coloring:

Every season has its effect on hair. Be it any season, you have to be careful about your hair. However, there are season, that bring extra chaos to the hair let monsoon be the one. If you don’t maintain your hair, you are definitely going to spend thousands of bucks later with so much of hair damage. Among few care that you can do for your hair are not using chemical filled dyes and hair coloring. These colors and dyes filled with the chemicals bear the effect for some moment only. After that what comes is the wrath and mayhem to the hair. Therefore, avoid using such products on hair.

Avoid Hair Coloring